Dual summer/winter Paralympian Jessica Gallagher joins Gloryfy unbreakable eyewear team

snow action team 28.01.2015

Australian Athlete Jessica Gallagher is the new ambassador in Australia for gloryfy unbreakable eyewear! Dual Paralympic bronze medalist 2010 & 2014, Dual summer & winter Paralympian Jessica Gallagher embodies the gloryfy unbreakable spirit. ‘My life is all about chasing new adventures whether I’m hurtling down a ski slope, racing on the velodrome, or out and about I need eyewear that offers me protection and can keep up with my ever changing demands. I am thrilled to be joining forces with gloryfy unbreakable eyewear. They embody the same spirit and thirst for life I have and share my passion for eye health and protection’.



This amazing Austrian brand has been making waves in Europe, picking up some major awards like being an ISPO Gold Winner earlier this year, for their stunning collection of unbreakable goggles and sunglasses.
Yes, you can twist them into the most distorted shapes, fold them, squeeze them, sit on them, stack on them etc and you won’t destroy them! It’s not just the frames, it’s the lens as well that are unbreakable.

They sure do work – ask  Fabian Bösch, who recently pipped Russ Henshaw for the gold medal at the Slopestlye World Championships wearing the the glorify GP4 goggle.

Freestyle Ski and Snowboard World Championships 2015 in Kreischberg


SNOWACTION got to check them out at Australian Snow Industry Trade Show in October, and can’t wait to demo them on snow. For example, during our Andes research mission last southern winter we managed to snap two pairs of normal sunglasses (including one very expensive pair) just from dumb stuff like pocket squashing and a sit on in the bar – well that won’t be happening again, we’ve switched to Gloryfy.
There’s a huge range, including with optic lenses available, and the GP3 transformer goggle pictured is also the lightest double lens goggle on the market.