Donate a day pass to the Firies families this Xmas

snow action team 24.12.2019

Australia is on fire like never before. With our cities choked in smoke and so many areas under threat it’s kind of indulgent to be heading off for snow holidays.

While getting ready for ember attack at Snow Action’s South Coast NSW office this weekend it ocurred to me, hey why don’t we donate a ski day and encourage the rest of you to follow suit?

As all us traveling skiers and boarders get ready to head off to enjoy our passion thousands of volunteer firefighters are out there day and night risking their lives to keep people like us and our property safe for others from one side of the country to the other.

Tragically, two of them died last thursday.

So why not donate a day’s worth of skiing to the Firies?

If you can afford to be heading off to ski or snowboard somewhere now you can afford to kick in $100 – a day pass or less in Japan – for the families of Geoffrey Keaton & Andrew O’Dwyer.

We have, and we urge you to do the same. Giving up a day pass for the families of guys who gave up their lives is something at least

Thanks firies and our hearts go out to the families.

Details are copied below, or go to the RFS site.


Support for firefighter families

Published Date: 20 Dec 2019


The NSW RFS has created a dedicated bank account to collect donations for the families of two volunteer firefighters who were tragically killed while on duty at the Green Wattle Creek fire.

On the evening of Thursday 19 December 2019, two volunteer firefighters were tragically killed while on duty at the Green Wattle Creek fireground, near Buxton in south western Sydney.

The fire truck they were travelling in was struck by a tree, causing the vehicle to leave the road and overturn.

  • Firefighter Geoffrey Keaton (32 years old) joined the Service in 2006 and is a Deputy Captain of Horsley Park Rural Fire Brigade, and a former member of Plumpton Brigade.
  • Firefighter Andrew O’Dwyer (36 years old) joined the Service in 2003, and is a member of the Horsley Park Rural Fire Brigade.

Both Geoffrey and Andrew leave behind loving partners and very young children.

The NSW RFS has created a dedicated bank account to collect donations. All funds received will be equally distributed between the spouses of Geoffrey and Andrew, and tax receipts will be issued to donors.

Donations can be made into the following account:

Account name:NSW Rural Fire Service
Account number:183546

You can also make a credit card payment online here.

When making a deposit, please include your name.

To obtain a tax receipt, email committees@rfs.nsw.gov.au with your contact details and date of deposit.