Do Wild Stuff? Get New Wild Activity Insurance!

Doing crazy shit is almost guaranteed to not be covered by most travel insurance policies, with most excluding any off-piste skiing or riding as a matter of course – but new Flip activity insurance covers you for the stuff you actually love to do.

Like back country skiing and riding, charging powder, smashing a park set up somewhere for example.

Flip is new start-up changing the game with the launch of Australia’s first on-demand injury cover.

The first-of-its kind service gives Aussies quick, simple cover, to fit any lifestyle from only $6 a day, via an easy-to-use website.

Ever rising health insurance costs have meant nearly half of Australians are living without private health insurance[1]. Most travel insurance won’t cover the wild activities you like to do either – so Flip fills the gap for many of those activities not covered if traveling (within Australia) or just doing them at or near home.

Flip athlete Michaela Davis-Meehan
Ride like a girl? Aussie FWT winner Michaela Davis-Meehan is one of Flip’s awesome athlete crew © Dom Daher

Now you can choose from one day of cover, for 24hr sporadic adventures, or ongoing cover by the week for those with an active lifestyle, wanting long-term peace of mind, all at pocket-friendly prices. 

In a first for the Australian insurance market, Flip’s ‘Day Pass’ offers a single day of injury cover for less than a smashed avo on toast, at only $6.

There’s no waiting period and cover starts straight away – true story.

Flip’s ‘Always On’ weekly injury insurance is just $9 a week and can be turned on and off depending on how daring your plans for the week are, and for particularly adventure-heavy moments (did someone say skydiving?), Flip lets users boost their cover. Not just for thrill seekers, Flip can also be used as an affordable, no-strings attached option for everyday Aussies whose big adventure might be the dads vs lads soccer match at the park, or the weekly jog around the block.

Creating an account with Flip is as an easy three-step process of setting up a profile, selecting which cover (day or week), choosing to boost the cover or not – then job complete. Easy.

Flip insurance is easy to run on the website
Just add a day of Flip cover before you go do stuff, or leave it on depending on your lifestyle

If users happen to sprain, strain, snap, slice, shatter or smash it (ouch, let’s hope not) whilst their cover is on, it isn’t an insurance hassle. The Flip team knows that unexpected expenses suck as much as injuries, so lightning-fast cash payouts are at the core of the Flip experience. But there is a flipping good plot twist too – with payouts going straight into users’ bank accounts it means Aussies have the choice of spending their money however they please, from Uber rides until they’re back on their feet, comfort food on the couch, a physio appointment, or a new bike to replace the one that got mangled in a spectacular wipe out.

To celebrate the launch, this November Flip is giving away 1,000 $1 Day Passes to encourage Aussies to get outside, live a little, do something different, push boundaries, or try to finally land that skateboard trick. Use the one-time access code of DAYPARTY to try it out, tell your friends, or maybe start a new activity.

Kathleen Weaver Chief Officer of Flip says, “Insurance doesn’t have to be boring or confusing. Everything we do is relaxed and hassle free – simple sign-up, simple pay-out, simple language. Flip is easy and incredibly quick, you can create an account while you’re strapping into a harness and be covered by the time you’re abseiling down the mountain.”

Flip has assembled a Flip Crew bringing together famed Olympians and world champion athletes to show Aussies how they make the most out of everyday thanks to Flip. From Olympic mountain biker Rebecca McConnell, tennis champ and the youngest junior player on the pro circuit Isabella Bozicevic, to eight-time Aussie champion BMX freeracer Harriet Burbidge-Smith, and world champion snowboarder Michaela Davis-Meehan

Visit to create an account and for more information.

Flip is backed by HCF, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer.

Check your cover anytime