Check Out These Steep Reflections On Kozi BC

The Steep Reflections film tour of May 2023 raised $14,500 for Protect Our Winters (POW) Australia. This is the largest donation of funds POW Australia has received since its inception. This funding will assist POW in developing its community and industry education programmes, as well as building new tools to help individuals measure and reduce their personal carbon footprints.

Dropping a clean line © Tom Roffey

This film was brought to life by Cameron ‘Woody’ Wood, who tapped into the Jindabyne backcountry community to create a film that aims to both inspire exploration and action to protect our winters. The Thredbo Guides team, Mountain Safety Collection (MSC), Alpine Access Australia, Protect Our Winters (POW) and videographers Daygin Prescott and Henry Smith, joined Woody last winter to create this film, that will arguably change the way Australian’s view their backyard. 

“I couldn’t be more stoked with the outcome of the film. Looking back to when this idea first sparked, already 6 weeks into the winter season, I knew back then it was a big gamble for sure. Thanks to the dedication and passion from the team and supporting partners we got the odds on our side. ‘Steep Reflections’ came to life.

I hope that the beauty of the Australian backcountry will compel more people to get out there and find their connection to this place the same way I did,” says Woody. 

With the backcountry cover thinner than normal and melting way faster this year it’s more topical than ever.

If you missed the tour, no problem, check it out on Youtube. Shout outs to the sponsors The North Face, Rhythm & Joey’s Myoko

Home on the (Main) Range © Daygin Prescott