CARVE SCOPE snow and MTB goggles road test

With the economy off the cliff and many of us human lemmings following it, anything that saves cash is good, and the all new CARVE SCOPE goggles that rock the snow and the MTB trails fit the bill pretty perfectly says our tester Steve Crazy Leeder.

The goggles are now online and instores.

Until August 16th you can grab a pair for 10% off with code SNOWACTION10 at CARVE

Why buy snow and bike goggles if you don’t have to?

the new Carve SCOPE MTB / snow crossover goggles
Looking good © Mark Watson / Incite Images

Forever I have just used my last season ski goggles with a clear lens for riding. It works fine and I always have a bunch but they are never perfect. Until now I don’t think I really ever knew why.

This summer I have been riding in a pair of CARVE SCOPE goggles. They are built from scratch as a cross over goggle and I’m hooked.

Graphic showing CARVE SCOPE goggles on MTB and snow helmets
Carve SCOPE goggles transitioning from bike to snow; grapic © SC Design Co.

They have everything that I like about winter goggles, like soft foam and loads of venting, but way more. I think I will be rocking these all year round.

The thing that is setting this goggle apart is their lens. CARVE has used a Photochromatic lens in the SCOPE.  I’ve seen this technology in eyeglasses for years but not a goggle. Photochromatic basically means it’s a light sensitive lens, when its low light the lens goes clear and the brighter it gets outside the darker the lens gets. On the snow it goes mirror.

Most of the time I would only ride with goggles at a bike park like Thredbo and its pretty much open runs where a dark goggle is perfectly fine, but what about those laps in the trees? That’s where your vision is most needed.

I found the change from dark to clear happens pretty quick going into the trees and only got a shock once or twice coming out of the trees when I turned a corner and was facing directly into the sun but it wasn’t enough to stop me wanting to wear them.

Charging on the MTB in new CARVE SCOPE goggles
Equally handy on an MTB as skis, Steve is as good a tester as you’ll find © Mark Watson / Incite Images

Another awesome addition to this goggle was the plastic venting on top of the goggle. I find every pair of winter goggles I use for biking this ends up shredding pretty quick. I mean dust and dirt and falling on gravel.. What chance does some thin foam have?

I hate to say it but my second race run wearing these goggles I messed up a drop and went flying over the bars and right onto my face. I totally thought I had killed the goggles for sure, but aside from a bit of dirt EVERYWHERE goggles are in mint shape.

Steve and Coco on location © Mark Watson / Incite images

The lens is a spherical shape and gives a great field of view. It’s not the biggest lens on the market but honestly I have worn a bunch of the oversize lens and honestly they don’t seem to give me a lot more field of view.

The goggle fits in all the different bike and ski helmets I have tried it in, Full Face and Open. 

Overall I am really impressed with this goggle. Great fit and ventilation in a goggle that has style for miles AND I haven’t trashed them yet (crashes and all).

In stores and until August 16th you can grab a pair for 10% off with code SNOWACTION10 at online from CARVE AUD $189.99 save 10% plus FREE delivery Australia!

CARVE are an Australian eyewear company whose products are now both available and popular internationally. We have previously rated their Platinum model the best sub-$AUD 100 value out there and you can deck out the whole family with snow goggles for under $300 with them.

For more MTB from Steve check out his road test of the Thredbo River trail.

Close up of how CARVE SCOPE goggle fits in bike helmet
The CARVE SCOPE fits most bike and ski helmets © Mark Watson / Incite Images