Carve Scope photochromic goggles consumer test winner

snow action team 03.08.2020

Carve Scope photochromic goggles are a one lens does it all model that are great value say our consumer testers Peter and Andrea Wunder.

They picked up some of the new Carve Scope goggles last week and have been running them hard in everything from rain to full sun in and out from Thredbo. And finally getting some pow day action this week with more on the way as winter finally arrives!

Sure, at Snow Action we get loads of stuff in the in-tray for testing, and we get pro-active testing wherever and whenever we come across great gear. But we also just buy stuff off the shelf and go with it like other snow gear consumers. So there’s no fear or favours in our consumer tests – what we see is what you get!

Carve Scope goggles photochromic lens in strong sunlight
Andrea styling the Carve Scope top of Crackenback © Peter Wunder

The Scope photochromic rose lens goggles retail at $189.99 but they’re worth so much more!

Until August 16th you can grab a pair for 10% off with code SNOWACTION10 at CARVE

We bought ours at Fleets, on the main road in Berridale on your way through, where there’s plenty of parking if you need to stop and pick up any hire or accessories like goggles in a hurry. Support your local businesses – they need that support more than Jeff Bezos! – especially in this disastrous year for the Aussie snow industry.

The photochromic lens means you’re basically getting three goggles for the price of one, as the goggles adapt to whatever level of light you’re skiing in.

We’ve all been caught out on the mountain with the wrong colour lens, squinting and realising how dangerous it is to ski without full vision. The lense is a large size allowing far more peripheral vision than most goggles.

Plenty of peripheral vision says Pete © Andrea Wunder

The photochromic lens adapts to different levels of light exposure. In low light the lense appears in it’s clear state which is rose coloured. Once you’re outside hitting up the slopes in the high frequency light, i.e. ultraviolet radiation, the lens darkens so it appears black. So black that other people can’t see your eyes through the goggles and perfect for sunny blue-bird days.

The difference is remarkable. I took them out today on a foggy rainy day and the lens stayed clear rose coloured all day. I had perfectly enhanced vision and no fogging on the inside of the goggles.

Clear rose colour lens mode on the Carve Scope goggles for lowlight skiing and riding
Clear rose mode, perfect for those less than perfect foggy/rainy/low light days © Peter Wunder

You would have thought they were designed only for low light days. But on the brightest sunny day they’re completely different and give you all the eye protection you need without you having to change lenses.

These goggles take away the stress of guessing what the day is going to bring and hoping you’ve chosen the right lense to take out for the day. You no longer have to carry a spare lense in your pocket in case you got it wrong.

In Australia the first few runs in the morning and the last few of the day are always shady, while the middle hours are usually eye burning sunshine. These goggles mean you don’t have to struggle to see through any part of the day as the lens adjusts to the changing levels of light, dark shade to full sunshine and everything in between. It really is like having twenty different lenses. You can just focus on your turns and enjoy your day.

Highly recommended, great all round value.

Save 10% on CARVE goggles with code SNOWACTION10

online from Carve  The Scope is normally AUD $189.99 – save $18.99, FREE delivery Australia too.

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Look good too, all for $AUD 189 top value © Peter Wunder