Cam Bolton is back with the Urge to win

snow action team 11.09.2016

Cam Bolton is right up there in the amazing talent pool that is Aussie boarder X. Multiple World Champion Chumpy Pullen blazed the trail and the likes of Jarryd Hughes and Cam Bolton are totally world class too.

But it’s no sport for the faint hearted, as injuries are common and can be nasty. In Cam Bolton’s case they have come at the worst times too, just when his form was peaking – like breaking his back last January.

He showed at last month’s National Titles at Hotham he is (no pun intended) back on track, and is excited about the next 18 months leading into the Winter Olympics in Korea 2018.

“After breaking my back in January, I’ve spent most of the year trying to get ready to race boardercross again. I had to let my back heal, and then start to get my strength and weight back. My body feels good now and while I’ve got most of my strength back, I’m still trying to put on a few more kilos to get back to the weight I was competing at last season.

Nationals last week were a lot of fun. It was so good to finally be back on a course after having 6 months off, and I found myself more excited about boardercross than ever. I finished on the podium in 2nd position which was a good result, but I can’t help eyeing off the top position at the next FIS races in early September.

I always knew that my back would heal well if I was patient, but the thing that excites me most is that I know I’ll be stronger and faster than ever when the World Cup season begins in December. I’m looking forward to having a strong World Cup season this year in the lead of to World Championships (March 2017), and the 2018 Olympics which is now less than 18 months away.”

Cam’s sponsors include awesome Aussie brand Urge Boarding and we have a couple of their awesome hoodies to giveaway just for telling us where you got the Urge to ski or board next in Japan.
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