Aussie Snow Season about to get epic

snow action team 09.07.2016

The Aussie Snow Season, already excellent, is about to get epic with another big snow event sweeping through from Sunday, peaking Tuesday night with snow widespread enough to trot out that old, hard-to-believe, but apparently true cliché that we can have more snow covered area than Switzerland .. Well, if it comes through as per the BOM prediction map below (this site is an awesome free government service, get on and bookmark it) then we will.

What a difference a year makes! This is Mt Perisher today 9 July and 8 July last year, when we had fun but off the snowmaking it was still just green grass everywhere else.

Mt Perisher web cam today  9/7/16 & © Owain Price from July 8, 2015

Mt Perisher web cam today 9/7/16 & © Owain Price from July 8, 2015


Perisher passed 1 metre snowfall for the season last week and the forecast call for 40 – 50cm more from the incoming dump.

As we mentioned in our “Snowmaking Saves The Day” feature in the pre-winter issue, we had a good day shooting this last year. But, guess what, on balance, would be nice to be back up there – especially Wednesday morning which could be the day of the season not just at Perisher but all over the Aussie resorts. If we get up to 1.5m snowfall before the middle of July that is an awesome Aussie Snow Season right there.

This is what the BOM is predicting at the peak extent of snow falls on Tuesday night: