Airbag and Tramps Open to the Adventurous

Emma 16.02.2024

Come and try out Jindabyne’s latest upgrades to action-infrastructure, outdoor airbags and indoor state-of-the-art trampolines.

Not just accessible to elite athletes, these two amazing facilities can be enjoyed by all.

The airbags cater to all abilities, from beginner to advanced levels and includes a small 13ft, medium 23ft, large 39ft and xlarge 55ft size jumps. Check them out, they’re really quite remarkable. For airbag bookings click here. For the trampolines head here to reserve a session.

Don’t forget to read through all the conditions online to manage your expectations as conditions such as high winds or lightening can cause unexpected closures.

April School Holidays

There are 8 airbag sessions and 5 acro sessions available over the school holidays. Find out more and book here for discounted rates.