ZEAL Optics new HD2 goggle camera sets new standard

snow action team 09.11.2014

ZEAL optics hd2 camera goggle
ZEAL Optics raised the bar hugely from what had gone before in the HD camera goggle department with their HD1 model, which seriously worked in Japan when we road-tested it there earlier in the year.
Now they have upped the ante with the new HD2, which on the tech side adds bluetooth/wifi compatibility to run it off your phone and view and share instantly, with 5 resolution options for video from 1080p to 720p and stills at 5, 8 or 12MP, with single shot, sequence and time lapse options from 2 to 30 seconds.
The 170-degree f2.8 wide angle camera lens captures everything you want to be looking at, automatically adjusts for light levels and has infinity focus with a built in viewfinder and push button controls that you can actually operate with your gloves on, a major plus.
SA took a pair on the road through some seriously deep snow in J-land, and as a goggle alone they handle the low light there well, then later in the year high altitude full sun at Portillo and Valle Nevado.
Even better, the new HD2 is amazingly light – it feels just like a regular goggle on, so you can wear them all day.
Totally awesome technology – can see this being used by smart private ski instructors for starters, nothing like instant replay of what the client’s been doing on the hill, never mind park/race coaching etc.