You’d Have To Be Keen: Wet And Wild Thredbo

You’d seriously have to be keen to be out there today, it’s wet and wild in Thredbo.

Keen, crazy or committed to not missing a line whatever the season delivers. Like our Snowboard Editor Peter Wunder who filed this report at lunchtime. He has been clocking up some serious mileage on his Jones splitboard.

Creek opened up afer overnight storm at ThredboThere was
Did someone say natural hazards? © Peter Wunder

There was a whopping 111mm of raiin overnight. Then it snowed at 7am, about 5cm down low and 10cm up top.

But on a very firm rain hacked base.

Go with the flow.. © Peter Wunder

All the rivers up the hill have blown open and some trails are gone.

It’s lost so much snow. Looks like it’s lost a metre up top.

You can see the whole metal bridge on the Kozi walking track, which was buried in snow last week.

Don’t cut fence lines (nb: no patrol have been working for weeks with mountain closed) © Peter Wunder

Large cracks have opened up just like Japan where the rain has undermined trails and the snow drifts have slid leaving 6 metre deep cracks. Bigger than we see in Rusutsu!

But some creamy turns on the way down.

Tracks on the Supertrail after the big storm overnight
Creamy Super Trail © Peter Wunder

It is what it is. Today, you probably didn’t miss much being in lockdown wherever that happens to have you stuck.

If it keeps up like this spring will be short and sweet, so not re-opening lifts won’t be such a big deal either.

But meantime, gotta get that daily excercies quotient in people ..

One for the road © Peter Wunder