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snow action team 09.07.2019

Trevor Kennison is an amazing athlete smashing the limits of the possible in a sitski. He’s an inspiration to everybody to get out there and make the best of what you got. His performance at Jackson Hole’s legendary Kings & Queens of Corbets event just blew everyone away – see the clip & images below. We sent our man at Corbets, Tony Harroart Harrington, to chase him down for an interview, which he managed (where else?) in the Tram.

Trevor Kennison freeskiing Jackson Hole on a big powder day
Coming straight at you! © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

In November 2014 Trevor Kennison broke his back in a snowboarding accident at Vail Pass in Colorado. Just four years later he charges into the legendary Corbet’s Couloir on a sit ski as part of the Jackson Hole Kings and Queens event. During a record snowfall season conditions were primo and no one was holding anything back – least of all Trevor!

Trevor stuck it, and unanimously took home the “Riders Choice” Award, after a grand performance launching a 30ft plus air drop into the famous ridiculously steep and narrow slot between granite walls.

Trevor Kennison launches into Corbets at Jackson Hole
Trevor goes large into Corbets © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

Why did you want to drop into Corbet’s?

It’s something that I’ve wanted to do since I broke my back. I’d been watching TGR movies all my life, guys like Travis Rice, Tanner Hall and Aaron Wheels who does back flips in Nitro Circus and you know, that’s amazing. I wanted to progress the sport. People would send me links of what other people are doing in a wheel chair and I went wow that’s dope!

[Memo Trevor Kennison you lose nothing in comparison with any of them]

I have the passion for skiing and this is what I’m doing. I said to myself I can do this, it’s all part of the progression. 

I learned how to ski three years ago. On my first run I got like 6 inches of air, and now Corbet’s. You know, I love what I do and I just want to pioneer the sport, pushing the sport like everyone else. 

Trevor Harrison dropping Corbets at Jackson Hole
Dropping .. © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

 What were you thinking?

I was 100% committed from the start. But from sitting up waiting for 15 athletes to drop, and freezing, and just watching everyone drop in, yeah I was nervous. But I knew my whole routine. I had to rehearse it like 5 times, close my eyes, think it through, imagine myself sticking it, open my eyes, realise I wasn’t ready, close my eyes again, and rehearse it until I was comfortable about it. 

Still dropping .. © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

How did you feel at the bottom?

I was on cloud 9. Ha ha ha, speechless man, speechless!

How did you train for that?

I worked my way up to it, starting off with small park jumps and making it the bigger ones over time. As I became used to it I just wanted to push it further and progress it further and went into cliffs and rocks. Sometimes I’d land in the back seat but I’d just keep on learning from it. It’s just like anything, it takes practice and miles. For me I’m just having fun.

“Skiing saved my life” © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

And what about the future?

From here I’m going to Sun Valley and planning a road gap jump, and going to be filming with TGR, then heading back home to Smugglers Gulch to teach a ski clinic skiing and forerun an extreme comp and then a skierthon raising money for High Fives. 

High Fives have an adaptive training foundation in Squaw Valley California that I train at and then onto the ski racing Nationals. After that I’ll just keep it going, the Olympics is a goal for sure, Beijing 2022. 

Trevor Kennisons shows off his Jackson Hole Airforce wings
None more worthy of their Jackson Hole Air Force wings! © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

What’s the bigger picture?

Corbett’s was amazing, but moving forward the bigger picture is helping out others, able bodied people, disabled people, it doesn’t really matter, I’m just love hanging out with people, being around positive people. Life’s too short, so you might as well live it up and have fun.

Honestly, as much it’s been a crazy road, at the same time it’s been a blessing as if I hadn’t have broken my back I wouldn’t have had this opportunity, I wouldn’t changed it for the world.

Skiing saved my life and I just want to show people there’s a fun way to live life no matter what your circumstances are, you can always find joy out of something –  sports, writing, books, art, anything, I just strive for people to go find it.

Life doesn’t get much better than skiing with your mates at Jackson Hole © Tony Harrington www.harroart.com

Get more inspired:

Check out www.highfivesfoundation.org

follow Trevor Kennison on Instagram @columbianwheels

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