A present Santa will want too

snow action team 11.12.2012

Forget sleeping bags, this is the new cool product adding versatility and multi-tasking to the mix while still being perfectly sleepable in.
The selk’bag is a revolutionary new sleep wear system, very much like a sleeping bag suit. It’s designed to fit the wearer, making them super comfortable and extremely practical. With durable nylon soles you can walk around in it, which will make those cold mornings and nights much more pleasant. Your hands can be easily released so you can eat, drink, check out the on slopes action outside, or even go fishing in it. Air vents can be opened if you get too warm.
The selk’bag was designed in Chile, inspired by the selk’nam (man) tribe who lived in southern Chile’s extreme climate. Their resistance to freezing temperatures, hunger and thirst won them respect and fear from their enemies.
The selk’bag comes in Classic, Lite and Kids.
The Classic has a quick release hands free system and adjustment straps around the waist and feet. It retails for $199 and comes in yellow, red, black, pink, green and blue. It has a -9 degree extreme temperature rating.
The Lite version is available for $99 and comes in grey, blue and violet. It is lighter than the Classic selk’bag making it a great choice for hikers, backpackers and campers. It has a +5 extreme temperature rating.
The selk’bag version for kids is available in pink and blue for $149. It has additional safety features and special pockets. A joey style pouch pocket can keep little hands warm. Oversize zip pulls make for easy use and nametags help children to label their selk’bag.
The selk’bag can even be used in the home if heating is an issue. Get in quick for pre-Xmas delivery, just hope Santa doesn’t steal it, bet he would love one!