Soul Skis Turquoise are ideal all rounders

snow action team 12.12.2017

Soul skis are the Swedish Freeride ski company that has gathered a huge reputation since launch in 2008.

Originally hard to find downunder, Soul skis are now easily available from Australia’s indie & boutique ski experts Blackbird Bespoke Ski Co.. Even better, as SnowAction readers you get a 10% discount entering code SNOWACTION5

Everybody knows skandos love their powder skiing – we have met so many the past few years in J-land for example, like the crew we met at Kokusai rocking round Hokkaido in a motorhome. But being Europe based they know it doesn’t get that good and that fresh all the time so versatility is key for a successful one quiver ski.

So for our #SwissSnowWeek (or two!) their Soul Turquoise is a great contender.

When considering an all-mountain ski that will truly be able to take you from the frontside to the back with ease and conquer everything in between, then it should come as no surprise that you will be needing a quality unit that has been thoroughly designed for the task.

That’s where the brothers at Soul skis have done something remarkable. They have used all their knowledge plus the input from testers, ski pros and everyday customers to design a ski that can take you there and back. Combined with only the best materials and meticulous construction, results in a ski that brings pure joy and exhilaration to the user.

Soul skis Turquoise

the Soul Turquoise skis are great all rounders

The Soul Turquoise is one such ski, that can truly hold an edge on firm snow, carve hard fast turns, float in softer snow and fly through powder, while remaining nimble, agile and stable. So many manufacturers claim these traits, but out on the hill, it can be hard to tell if they really do it all. On the Soul Turquoise you notice every element. Every turn. Every response. It’s just that good.

Soul skis manufacturer’s description SOUL TURQUOISE

If off piste is your main choice but you still want some quality time in the piste as well, the Turquoise ski will be your best friend. With a geometry like a pure fat powder ski, but with a waist less wide you will be at the top of your ability, all day.
Zero camber and a long rocker curve for a smooth ride in the powder, but still a stable edge grip in the piste when the rookie snowboarders are done for the day.
Light weight construction with a full carbon wrap for torsional rigidity and a performance perfectly suited for backcountry exploring. A true all round ski for the whole mountain.

Available in 175 or 185cm lengths:
175 cm, 134-100-120, R 19 m
Rocker profile v2

185 cm, 137-100-122, R 19 m
Rocker profile v2

Or for the ladies
Based on the Turquoise ski we have adapted this ski for a little bit lighter skier. Flex, maneuverability and weight is in perfect harmony with it’s aimed user. No ”pink it and shrink it”!
Key word will be versitality. Whether it’s deep powder or backcountry exploring you will be amazed about this versatile ski. Feed it and you will be rewarded.

175 cm, 134-100-120, R 19 m
Rocker profile v2

Soul skis Turquoise womens

For the ladies the Soul Turquoise Womens is the go

“The Soul Turquoise’ performance in powder is A1! This ski is extremely fun and a true and reliable friend
every day. Works everywhere!” – freeskiers.net
“Off-piste skiing is smooth, very quiet, and totally reliable, even at high speed; at the same time agile, and very lively. Without exaggeration, the Soul Turquoise is an all-mountain-connoisseur who makes everything extremely fun and convinced our testers” – Bergstolz Magazin