Snugger Is Better! Sidas USB Boot Dryers Rule

Snugger is better for boots and Sidas Drywarmer Pro USB boot dryers rule to achieve that. Plug them in on your drive to the snow and feel the benefits when you get there says our tester Steve Leeder.

Wet or cold boots in the morning suck, and when you’re on a road trip its even worse.

Sidas Drywarmer Pro USB boot heater dryers
Sidas Drywarmer Pros © Sidas

So what do you do? Sit at the pub all night in your socks hoping they will dry out? Nope, but that’s OK, I’ve found something way better. So keep on dancin’ the night away in your boots and when you get back to your car/truck/camper or what ever you have, just plug these dryer/warmers into a USB socket and drop them into your boots for the night and go to sleep.

Sounds pretty simple right, well it actually is. So what are the deets?

The Sidas Drywarmer Pro USB Dryer uses what they call the VORTEX effect, meaning it blows the warm air around in circles so it can dry the enclosed space faster. The actual heat is not very strong which is perfect for all the custom thermo mouldeable liners around these days. The other feature it has is an UltraViolet bulb, which designed to sanitise the inside as well.

My first impression after plugging them in on a cold drive to the snow was average. I drove from Jindy to Perisher with the dryers in my boots and when I got there they were still pretty wet. Ok my mistake!

Handy size to go anywhere © Steve Leeder

Cold almost frozen boots are not going to do much of anything in 30 minutes. I skied all day (luckily I had my Wilderness Wear merino socks plus my ArmaSkin blister socks on to stay comfortable) and then dropped the dryers straight into my boots once I got back. 

The one hour drive home wasn’t enough to dry them out, but they were toasty warm. I left them in the truck plugged in over night. I have a dual battery system so the dryer is not directly plugged into my driving battery.

The next morning I was all ready for another day on the hill but I thought I better check out what the boot and battery situation was like. Boots are totally dry and even more important my truck didn’t smell like a ski lodge drying room. The battery had barely moved which is awesome, so I expect if you did leave it plugged into your vehicle battery over night you would be OK. 

Overnight is good for a snug start next morning © Steve Leeder

Backcountry people should rejoice too as they are lightweight @ 192 grams and you can use the USB on solar panels and also Power Banks for use in mountain huts or even those hardy souls enjoying tent life.

Saves having wet boot liners stuffed in your sleeping bag overnight…

Sidas Drywarmer Pros have a timer setting as well, one press of the on button turns it on for 4 hours, 2 presses turns it on indefinitely. Use the 4 hour setting for light drying & warming or the always on setting for rigorous overnight drying. The pods heat to a temperature that dries out your liners, but won’t affect custom footbeds or alter your moulded Thermo liners.

They also emit a UV Light which has an antibacterial action and kills germs. Amen to that! 

Great for ski boots but also MTB shoes, Nordic ski boots and gloves, trail running shoes, hiking boots etc. You get the drift if you want to have dry footwear and no pong.

Other days I have plugged the warmers into my boots for the one hour drive from Kalkite to Perisher and when I got to the hill my liners were much nicer to put on, which always makes the day better.

Bottom Line: So should you get Sidas Drywarmer Pros?

Totally! They work in all types of footwear and gloves so it’s definitely a product you can use, plus year round. The best most useful item under $50. Grab them online from Wilderness Sports on the link here

Sidas Drywarmer Pro boot heaters in running shoes
Dry out/warm up/sterilise your joggers, hiking boots etc © Steve Leeder