Smart Winter Face Masks That Rock From Naroo

snow action team 09.07.2021

Want the best in winter face masks?

South Korea’s NAROO MASK delivers innovative, functional balaclava ski/snowboard masks that rock!

Wearing the Naroo Mask Z9H model on snow
Z9H in white © NAROO MASK

South Korea has more engineers per capita than anywhere on the planet, with results we all know for the latest smarts in hi-tec TVs, phones, fridges, cars and plenty more.

Skiing and boarding is huge over there too – check our series on their resorts here. Where else can you go riding for a 2 hour session from 2am – 4am as part of your weekend party routine?

It gets bloody cold skiing in Korea, especially at 2am!

They get similar Siberian weather systems as Japan, but miss out on the ‘lake effect’ pow pick up those systems get crossing the Sea of Japan. The chilly conditions are perfect for snowmaking though. Good winter face masks are essential items.

NAROO MASK designers have applied their innovative ideas to prove even something as humble as ski balaclavas also benefit from smart design.

Since 2002 the company has focused on mask/breathing solutions for active lifestyles.

Pollution, pollen, dust, cold, powder snow – a lot of things can mess with your breathing out walking, biking, skiing or boarding.

NAROO MASK have developed solutions for these problems, attracting rave reviews from users. Nearly 20 years of customer feedback helps keep them at the cutting edge.

Top-of-mind for Snow Action followers are their winter mask range, especially the ski/board balaclava style models, which lobbed in our in-tray recently. Lockdowns are hindering our test squad, but so far we are loving what we see.

Naroo Mask Z9H showing interface with goggles
Snug and fog free in the NAROO Z9H – that Darth Vader look is the EX-BONE frame effect © snowaction.com.au

The NAROO MASK Z9H model features their innovative EX-BONE 3D Air-Room – a little super light cage that keeps the mask off your mouth. This prevents moisture build up for a more hygienic and warmer experience as a pocket of air is held to form a barrier between the outside cold, the fabric and your mouth.

The EX-BONE combined with the stitched-in adjustable nose clip delivers great anti-fog performance. And adds a cool Darth Vaderesque touch to your profile if you go the black option.

For the ultimate anti-fog breathability add the EX-HALE ‘Outbreathing Exhaust Pipe’, a clip on exhaling tube that directs exhaled air down and out the bottom of the mask is available for the Z9H.

“Man I want that for Rusutsu!”

was our Snowboard Editor and lead gear tester Peter Wunder’s instant reaction when we showed it to him. Forget the snorkel, just smash Japow with your NAROO MASK ski balaclava on. Like Pete and most of you, we can’t wait to get back there to check that out for ourselves.

The Z9H also adds a zipper to control breathing and airflow – open up when you stop &/or when it’s warmer or you are charging harder. $USD 95 (save 10% with code below).

Naroo Mask Z9H model showing the EX-HALE attachment
Z9H with EX-HALE attachment – the ultimate Japow ski balaclava! © NAROO MASK

The NAROO MASK Z5H balaclava/mask delivers the latest flatter profile version of the EX-BONE system and an all weather fabric blend that’s ideal for Aussie skiing, riding and general multi-season activity. $USD 60 (save 10% with code below)

Exercising in cold conditions makes breathing harder. Our lungs are designed to receive warm, moist air, so the EX-BONE system helps by creating a warmer air pocket between the outside freezing air and your respiratory tract. Inhaling is easier.

Conversely the moist air you exhale is wicked away, avoiding the sweaty build up with most balaclavas/masks/neck warmers that then goes cold and clammy when you slow down or stop – like riding back up on the chairlift for example. And avoiding foggy build ups on your goggles/sunnies.

Both these NAROO MASKS go great under a helmet. Depending on the temperature and your preference, you can wear them balaclava style, or covering the ears, or around the neck, equally efficiently.

There’s attention in the little details too. Special stitching pulls the hem of the mask to prevent the fabric from blocking your vision or irritating your eyes.

A comfortable, elasticated hem distributes tension and provides padding to prolong wear time without irritation.

With correct care, strong and sustained antimicrobial performance is claimed through repeated washes.

ZH5 Winter Face Mask/Ski Balaclava from Naroo Mask

Which NAROO MASK ski model will work best for you?

Both are great, if you normally head to J-land or chilly climes for powder the Z9H plus the EX-HALE optional anti-fog clip on attachment ($USD 27 save 10% with code) is the bees knees for powder!

Otherwise the Z5H is an ideal all-rounder you can use for more than skiing.

*Check the range, colours and more on their website – whichever NAROO gear you go for get 10% discount off your total purchase use code SnowactionNAROO

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Naroo Mask Z9H winter mask package box
The Z9H is available in black, white, blue or wine colours © NAROO MASK