Rockin’ Rusutsu's side country park

snow action team 18.01.2016

Rusutsu gets the bottom line of skiing/riding – that it’s total fun – better now in j-land than pretty much anywhere. Not content with great and accessible powder, they have taken things totally next level with their awesome side country park features.
Photo Editor Dan Power took some talent and had a close look last season.

“The side country park is over on the West Mountain, a quick monorail ride from the Rusutsu Tower hotel. It’s full of features built using the natural landscape and materials, and on a good snow day it’s easy to spend the whole day in there. The biggest feature is probably the rainbow rail (as featured below).”

Tim Taylo in Rusutsu's side country park © Dan Power

Tim Taylor in Rusutsu’s side country park © Dan Power

“Tim Taylor hit it several times and only once stuck the landing. It looks easy, but too slow and you’re hitting the snow at 90 degrees and speed, too fast and you’re in the trees. It’s definitely not one for the faint hearted!”
Not up to that challenge? no matter, just rent a glow suit like Coen Bennie-Faull and have the funnest night ski experience ever ..
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Tim Taylor in the park © Dan Power

Tim Taylor in the park © Dan Power