Ortovox Traverse 30 feature packed pack does it all

The Ortovox Traverse 30 is the feature packed pack that does is all! From lightweight carry-on bag to back country ski mission bag to camera bag road-testing the mid-sized 30 Litre model in the Ortovox Traverse pack range has ticked all the boxes and then some.

Ortovox 600 pack loaded
The Ortovox Traverse is so easy to use for back and side country missions © Carmen Price

The German brand, as you would expect, put a lot of attention into details that make their gear super functional and super easy to use.

There is so much to like about this pack. I just love the helmet net feature. Skiing in a helmet is a no brainer, but skinning or hiking with one quickly cooks your brains, and having it flap around if strapped on is not much fun either. But not with the clip on helmet net – stuff your goggles & warm gloves inside the helmet and net it on in seconds. Slotting your skis on the sides also takes a few seconds for taking a hike.

Ortovox Traverse pack helmet net
The Ortovox helmet net feature close up © Carmen Price

The full zipper around or top drawstring access to the main compartment make getting to the gear you want in a hurry simple too. Like changing layers of clothing, packing/unpacking skins, or grabbing a snack. Or for me most importantly, out on a shoot getting at and stowing the SLR camera gear quickly. And keeping it sealed up while shooting – never, ever leave a pack open even a tiny bit when shooting in powder, one spray from the model and you have a pack full of snow.

With airline weight restrictions so tight these days you need a versatile pack that works for general travel as well as more specific in-the-snow missions. The Ortovox Traverse 30 shines in this department. It’s big enough for day trips and shorter overnight snow missions, but small enough to be hassle free as cabin baggage. Handy hidden document pockets keep your passport and whatever else safe, while that zip around access makes it simple to show all for security inspections too.

Ortovox Traverse 60 pack showing pads system
Ortovox Traverse 60 pack showing pads system

Of course the bottom line for any backpack is comfort. The Ortovox Traverse series features their “Comfort Contact” system of contact pads ensure permanent circulation of air, ideal for the exertion of skinning/hiking in the snow. Nothing worse than working up a sweat on the lower back where the pack pushes in. Or just cruising around hot airport terminals over a t-shirt you won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable. The pads are really comfortable too, this is one of the most comfy packs we have ever used.

If we do less Japow missions and stay home more in summer I suspect we would find it was an equally awesome bush walking pack too – it’s designed with the European outdoors market in mind, where trekking with poles is very popular. Aussies tend to go for a humble stick, preferably with a cleft end in case there’s a big fat black snake asleep in your path.


Actually as anyone who skins or hikes much in the snow will already know, extension poles save you a huge amount of energy, and while more expensive they work better than a stick for bushwalking too.

The Ortovox Traverse Range goes up to a 38L model, but for us that can get too big for carry on purposes though it would be great for longer tours. For us the 30L size works as the ideal all rounder. We’ll give it an 11/10.

Grab one at good stores or just get online here $AUD 349

The pop out rain cover is one of numerous handy features on the Ortovox Traverse range
The pop out rain cover is one of numerous handy features on the Ortovox Traverse range

The full features list includes:
Chest strap with signal whistle
Snowboard and snowshoe attachment
Helmet net
Hip pocket
Compression strap
Hydration system compatible
Circumferential zipper
Rain cover
Hiking pole fastening
Bottle holder
Key holder
1 x Emergency card
Top loader

Ortovox Traverse 30 in black
We’ll give the Ortovox Traverse 30 a 11/10