Nobody's Princess Real Girl's Ski Wear Now In Stores

snow action team 25.10.2022

Nobody’s Princess, the Aussie start up ski wear that fits brand launched via crowdfunding last year has really taken off – CEO/founder Maria Baker has sold into 20 stores already across Australia and New Zealand for 2023, and is already getting online sales from North America ahead of the northern winter.

Snow Action’s Owain Price caught up with her at the SIA Trade Show in Canberra recently for an update.

Nobody's Princess founder Maria Baker
Nobody’s Princess founder Maria Baker on stand at the SIA show © Nobody’s Princess

The basic premise of Nobody’s Princess – that no one was making snow clothing for women’s actual real shapes and sizes – always sounded good to us, and so it has proved. The dedications and feed back from happy customers are heart warming and tell the story of the gap in the market the effervescent Baker is filling.

‘They are genuinely fantastic! Comfortable, practical and classically stylish, the fit is everything !!!’

‘Wow, wow, wow! Finally a pair of pants that fit, these pants are amazing!’

‘Technical, comfy, stretchy and ability to make smaller or fatter, as I get smaller or fatter – hands down 11 stars out of 10!’

‘Life changing pants!’

You get the picture. As will any woman who ever struggled to find ski/snowboard pants and jackets that fit. And that’s a lot of women! Strange as it may seem to designers, not all women who ski & board are tall, skinny-legged size 8 waifs. We know that all too well: just being short has always made it hard to get ski pants that fit for Mrs Snow Action, and while Japan sizings are great in the leg length department latina ladies have a different shape to the average Japanese as a rule.

If the pants fit, wear ’em! © Nobody’s Princess

“This is our fast year in market. We got the crowd funding to go, and people loved them” Baker told us. “This season has been really good, lots of feedback – even from people who had literally given up on skiing and got back into it. Lifechanging was how quite a few described it, which was great.”

So the next stage is get some stores and get retail happening?

“Yes, that’s going really well, I’m getting lots of interest here at the trade show from Australian retailers and Nobody’s Princess is actually already in New Zealand stores!”

We left Maria to keep making sales contacts at the show, which has paid off.

“We are up to 17 Aussie stores for 2024” she reports.

Watch out for them at Snow Skier’s Warehouse, Snow Monkey, Plus Snow and Larry Adler among others in OZ. In NZ on-mountain at Cardrona is a huge location to add to the brand’s rapidly growing street cred.

No need to wait for them to arrive in-store though, order online now – sales are growing rapidly internationally there too as winter kicks in up north.

Any parting advice Maria we asked?

“Get some pants on your bum!”

Indeed! Check out the range on the website here

Nobody's Princess ski jacket and pants display
Nobody’s Princess display © Nobody’s Princess