New Lander Torrey insulated iphone cases do the job

snow action team 22.09.2018

New Lander Torrey iPhone cases step things up a notch with with a layer of Thermoline™ insulation for protection against extreme weather changes. Perfect for all us snow lovers!

Lanyon Torrey iPhone case

Lanyon Torrey iPhone cases with insulation © Louisa Lever

Recent road testing can reveal they work great in the cold. Prolonged exposure to temperatures that swing outside of 0-35°C can negatively impact daily performance and permanently damage an iPhones battery. To protect against this, the Torrey case layer of Thermoline™ insulation keeps your iPhone at optimal working temperature in extreme climates. Of course for Aussie users protection against heat as much as cold is often handy as 40° plus days get more and more frequent in our ever longer summers.
We didn’t actually want to test the 3m impact fall rating protection of the case personally though – we’ll just assume that one till we do drop it!
Actually another great feature of the Lander Torrey iphone cases is the detachable lanyard that helps prevent your iPhone from dropping, along with a smooth pebble-like outer case texture which provides a secure grip for your hand in all situations. The lanyard also has a reflective stitched detail to catch any light – making the Torrey case easy to find in the dark or in your bag.

Lanyon Torrey iPhone case

Despite the insulation Lanyon Torrey cases are a slim fit © Louisa Lever

The Torrey feels at one with your iPhone with its ultra-thin and lightweight case. Despite the insulation it’s a slim-look fit sitting tight to your iPhone.
All that’s left is to pick your colour. The smooth minimal design come in a neutral taupe or black, and exclusive mauve and blue for those after a splash of colour.

The case is now available exclusively for Apple products on Apple.com and in select Apple stores, as well as on Lander.com.

Lander Torry Cases RRP: $AUD 59.95

Compatible iPhone 7/8/X and Plus Models
Available in Mauve, Blue, Taupe, Black

Lanyon Torrey iPhone cases colour range

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