NAKED Optics Goggle Test: Why Pay More?

snow action team 24.07.2021

NAKED Optics goggles rule for quality and value says our Thredbo test team.

The Austrian indie brand has got a lot of traction in Europe and lately Japan for their winning combination of quality, functionality and affordability. Our tester verdict can be summed up as

Why pay more than $AUD 120 for a great pair of goggles?

NAKED Optics basic premise since inception is to keep quality high while losing the bloated marketing budgets and multi-layered distribution networks that blow out retail costs for big name brands. Founded by a bunch of snow-crazy Austrian uni students back in 2013, the team also directly test, develop and tweak their product range.

Thredbo based race coach Peter Fuchs bought the brand to Australia, and by word-of-mouth they have already been selling well as word spreads. Orders ship fast from their Sydney warehouse location, with free shipping for orders over $199.

Naked Optics testers on the case at Thredbo © snowaction.com.au

Our tester team, headed up by Dave ‘Cappo’ Tweedie, gave them the full work out in all conditions at Thredbo – including (we know, it hurts Sydney!) some of those crazy pow days lately.

This week we tested Austrian NAKED Optics goggles and sunglasses (stay tuned for review of those).

It was a perfect testing mix of mountain weather, from blizzards and pow to flat light, fog and bluebird sun.

I spend whole seasons in the snow, so I need maximum protection for my eyes. All this week I used the Storm, Troop Evo and Force Evo model goggles, plus I toured in the Falcon sunnies. 

Changing light and conditions are no problem for Naked Optics thanks to their SnapTech Magnet System that lets you change lenses in seconds.

Wearing Naked Optics Storm Goggles in whiteout testing at Thredbo
Dave Tweedie, windy whiteout top of Karels wearing Naked Optics STORM © snowaction.com.au

The NAKED Optics STORM model features 5 different lens options, with a range of light transmissions are available. It ships standard with the Blue sunny/cloudy all-rounder.

Depending on wind and weather conditions, there is a suitable lens for every condition. That includes for night skiing and for super bright light, ideal for glaciers/high altitude free riding in Europe.

All their lenses have a super anti-fog coating, claimed as three times stronger and more resistant to fogging than previous models. A low light and the blue all-round lens will work for most people most of the time – especially if down under and some Japow is your normal snow diet.

You could have two lenses for the winter down under and up top and be fully covered this way. 

Doing a few long runs from up top at -7° down to the valley floor where it was +1 degree I was impressed at how there was no fogging up at all.

They have such clear all round vision, fit super comfortable on your face, and marry up to the helmet perfectly.

The super flexible PU (polyurethane) frame adapts to the face, and with the 3 layer foam is very comfortable and virtually stack proof. All lenses for STORM goggles are designed with a firm exterior polycarbonate frame. This improves robustness and according to the company increases the magnetic strength by approximately 30%.

“The lens remains firmly in the frame even during crazy landings, either in the park, on the slopes or in the backcountry” is the company claim. [Editor’s note: Dave would have loved these back when he was doing crazy shit like this dropping the legendary big rock at Stanley’s]

I skied all week in the goggles, and will be in the NAKED Optics Storm for the rest of the season. Plus many more winters to come! At $AUD 129.99, plus $59.99 for a second lens, they are great value.

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Dave carving it up in the mist at Thredbo © snowaction.com.au

Ex-board racer, current instructor, volunteer firie and Thredbo lodge manager Kellie Meehan took out the slinky leopard print STORM Black Cat model, with the bright light black lens.

“Wow, what an awesome day. I found the goggles pretty much perfect. I need a new set of goggles and I’m going to buy these. I love the leopard pattern and they feel very comfortable. Also the definition of snow was really good. I’ll be recommending them to all my friends for sure.”

Owain Price tried the frameless TROOP EVO model, in the stand-out-from-the-crowd Flamingo strap design with all round Yellow mirror lens.

“I love the full field of vision and anti-fog that really works. We had the full four seasons in one day up there, and skied more in a few hours than you normally could in a couple of days thanks to no lift queues while Sydney is in lockdown. The EVO’s took it all, and all for under $120. Whenever we can get back to Japan I would be adding the low light lens to my kit. Their current deal on the 2 lens bundle at $159.99 is a no-brainer.”

“Their specific OTG model is out of stock down under, but I used these over my Quiksilver sport frame prescription glasses without much drama. The triple foam is very comfortable.”

Snow Action board guru, long term Thredbo and Rusutsu local, and super tester of everything from snow cross bikes to heat gear Peter Wunder was also impressed with the Troop EVO model.

“They have great vision when at speed – you need that! As well as everything else you need in a google. How much are they? No way! (Pete thought i was joking on the $120 price). Really that’s great. I am getting some.”

All four of us were sold on the models we tried (two of us in the STORM and two in the TROOP EVO).

The bottom line: Naked OPTICS has it nailed here – five Stars out of five. and six stars value for money. 

  • Dave ‘Cappo’ Tweedie

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Low vis no problems for Pete in the Troop EVO model © snowaction.com.au