Meet Venture New All Weather Outdoors Pants from Zorali

Zorali is an Aussie start up brand making some great gear, including their new Venture pant.

Steve Leeder put a pair to the test amid the torrential rain event happening along the NSW coast. He’s looking for something that will serve him for snowshoe tour guiding in winter and all round in other seasons. Zorali Venture pants fit the bill..

Hiking in the rain in the new Zorali Venture Pant
Hiking in the rain, happy again .. © Steve Leeder

New gear is always an exciting day for me. When I got a package from new startup Aussie brand Zorali I was pretty stoked. I love to see new brands breaking into the market and they pretty much always have something outside the box to deliver. 

The brand is called ZORALI, a brand built on three core values: PEOPLE, PLANET, PRODUCT.

Seems pretty perfect to me. Work with amazing like minded people, do everything as ethically and environmentally soundly as possible. Make only products that work as good as they look.

After having a dig deeper into the brand I think they are doing pretty good at sticking to their values. One thing they do is for every product they sell 10 trees are planted. Awesome, right?

Ok so the new gear I have been sent to try out is called the VENTURE pant.

Close up of Zorali Venture Pant hiking in the rain
Styly and they work © Steve Leeder

Made from 100% recycled nylon these pants seem really good. They are very light, a nylon belt already built in and a truckload of pockets.  On closer inspection there are 8.  The big  pockets on the side are made of a Cordura canvas which I wasn’t convinced about at the start. But they grew on me for sure.

Now hiking isn’t really my bag unless its getting me to a very cool rock climb or to do something very different, but I thought these might be my new snowshoe guiding pants for the winter but I need to get out and try them out so a rainy weekend (part of a so-called “once in a century” flood event) on the central coast seemed perfect to go and wonder around the bush.

Humid, wet and everything else that you can imagine on the trail, I found it all. And I really liked these pants.

The water repellent finish was great keeping all the water from the ferns and the rain beading off. It’s always a balance between either staying cool in the heat or staying protected from bugs and the bush. The VENTURE pant seemed like a pretty good balance.  Those thicker pockets were actually kinda handy; as I was going along I had a couple sharp sticks try to dig into my pants with no luck at all.

Comfort was great, range of movement was no problem at all even on the high step I took a couple times to get up onto a couple of big rocks for a better view. Over all I like these pants and I do feel that this winter with a set of Wilderness Wear merino thermals I will be set for snowshoe trips and Nordic skiing from Wilderness Sports Perisher base perfectly.

Check out the Zorali Venture Pant in their online store.