Kickstart Nobody's Princess Now: Ski Pants That Fit

snow action team 09.08.2021

First snow trip since COVID and I’m toned and raring to go from all those fitness programs I started during lockdown .. or not! Trying on all my ski pants I finally squeezed into the loosest pair, unbuckled with a belt holding things, and me, together. Not for the first time I’ve wondered why everything seems to be hipster style. Hello designers we are not all svelte teenagers!

But help is at hand girls..

Snow apparel start-up, Nobody’s Princess, is on a mission to raise almost $100,000 to fund the manufacture of revolutionary women’s snow pants, via the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. If successful, the brand will become one of Australia’s only women’s snow apparel designers.

Finally pants that fit! © Nobody’s Princess

Nobody’s Princess is currently taking on the multi-billion dollar industry as they prepare for the release of a new functional design of women’s snow pants. The innovative product is an industry first, concentrating on the physiological features of the female body and is the only one of its kind designed specifically to fit women’s body shapes.

“Women who participate in the sport are looking for something they can fit their butt and thighs into comfortably,” says Maria Baker, Founder at Nobody’s Princess. “After lengthy discussions with many women involved in the sport, we realised how many were actually purchasing men’s attire due to the lack of suitable women’s gear; We’ve gone straight to the source to identify the pain-points women experience in the snow, and addressed each of them to create a pair of pants to suit any body shape and instill confidence in women so they can concentrate on enjoying their time in the snow”.

Real fit for real people © Nobody’s Princess

The innovative design comes as an increase of demand for appropriately fitting snow apparel for women becomes more apparent.

Australian Olympic and World Cup ski racer Greta Small has experienced the difficulty of finding appropriately fitting women’s gear, “I have always worn unisex/ men’s ski gear”, she says, “I have trouble fitting into female snow gear or under jackets as the arms are generally cut smaller on the biceps and shoulders restricting my movement, you try and go up in sizing but it just goes wider; just because my arms are bigger doesn’t mean my waist is!”.

Research by Nobody’s Princess concluded that 62% of women between the ages of 16-60+ could not find acceptable fitting gear and more often than not, resulted in them purchasing men’s apparel.

“The market research I conducted involved women from Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe and Canada, aged 16 – 60+”, says Maria, “Of the 352 participants, over 65% of women were size AU12/US8 or larger. 62% had an hourglass body shape and said they struggle to find appropriate fitting women’s apparel as pants and jackets are [made] too tight in the legs and arms, so they resorted to buying men’s items that allowed them to move more freely”, Maria continues.

So far, the Kickstarter campaign has raised over $44,000 by almost 200 backers. With just 10 days to go of the 30 day campaign, Nobody’s Princess is on track, working tirelessly to meet their $94,000 target. With the help from the community to spread the word and pledge towards the cause – Nobody’s Princess looks forward to releasing the revolutionary snow pants in October.

They are available for pre-sale purchase from $229 at the link here


About Nobody’s Princess women’s snow pants:

The pants that have been designed by a world-class snow apparel designer, feature –

  • ·  Wide range of sizes (AU8 – AU22)
    Market research indicates 74% of women who ski/snowboard wear a size between AU10 – AU16, nearly 60% are size AU12 or larger and one-third of which would describe their body shape as an hour-glass.
  • ·  Designed by women, for women
    Multiple length options with high waisted, stretch panels in the waist to fit almost every body shape, and the ability to adjust the fit using an innovative new system to adjust the waist at 4 different points.

· Functional design that understands women, everywhere. Pocket depth and placement
Gusset in crotch to prevent crotch ripping
Unique thermal insulation placement.

15/15k insulation for all hemispheres.
If successful, the pants are expected to be available from the end of October, 2021, world-wide.

About Nobody’s Princess: Maria Baker, 34, was left devastated when her dream job became a reality, then was taken away from her three weeks later due to COVID-19. Now, she is pursuing a new dream to innovate women’s snow pants and provide them with snow pants that actually fit.

Being a pear-shaped snowboarder herself, Maria found there was a large gap in the market for appropriately fitting snow pants for women and devised a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to gauge the interest. The successful results of the campaign indicated she wasn’t alone.

This will be the second crowd-funding campaign for the young start-up. In November 2020, Maria raised over $12 ,000 via Crowd-funding to build a prototype of the snow pants., and has sparked the interest of women who ski and snowboard, globally. The idea was backed by almost 100 investors (women that ski/snowboard) who pre-purchased the pants purely based on a concept. She raised 50% of the funds in just 48 hours and had over 8,500 views.

Kickstarter is a website where members of the public pledge money towards purchasing a product that has been designed but not yet manufactured. If the funding target is met, those who have contributed are charged for the product. If it’s not met, they are not charged.

No more struggling to get into your ski pants © Nobody’s Princess