How To Get Over Being A Nervous Skier

Emma 03.05.2024

Are you a Nervous Skier?

Are you a nervous skier? Do you think you are hopeless and can never learn?

 Dean Hunter, founder of New Zealand’s world renown Rookies Academy assures you that with the right teachers and mentors and the right attitude and environment you will make great progress. 

  1. “Younger people don’t have the issue of being nervous as much as older learners, but you need to go to terrain that you’re comfortable with and successful on and stay on that terrain so you can build confidence.
  1. Only go skiing with someone you can trust, spend more time on the flats (rather than go somewhere steeper) and if you’re skiing with a nervous person, go for a ski with them and get them comfortable with the environment they are in.
  1. You can’t take a nervous skier somewhere too steep or challenging until they can form a wedge and start to change directions. Only then can you start to look at different terrain”. 
  1. Whether it’s ski school, or skiing with a friend who is giving you tips, Dean says the trick to gaining confidence is combining a new skill on snow with something they have already mastered. “Something new with something old, get them time to master the new skill then when that feeling becomes old then give them something new to work on”.
  1. There’s no getting around the issue of actually doing the work and putting in the hours to get better at skiing.  “You’ve got to actually turn up, it’s a doing thing, you’ve got to watch and do. And the thinking comes with it. People are set in their ways, and need to learn how to learn. Building on that ownership, taking control of their own learning”.

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Photo credit Brendan Reeves