Hanazono New 6 Pack & Gondola For 2021-22 Season

snow action team 26.05.2021

Huge news for Hanazono at Niseko – they are getting a new 6 pack heated Poma lift and 10-pax gondola which will massively increase capacity out of the base there.

The towers went in for the gondola last year but then COVID hit and the technicians could not travel from Austria to Japan to finish it for last season. Well, with the numbers it wouldn’t have been needed anyway.

But for 21-22 season hopefully at least some of the World can get back there.

Lift map showing lines of new 6 pac and gondola lifts at Hanazono, Niseko
New lift lines – 6 pac replacing old quad and new 10 pax gondola line © Hanazono

Here’s the detail –

New Hanazono 1 Lift (6 Pax)

New Stations, New chairlifts

Hana 1 Lift is being replaced with the latest POMA stylish 6 person chair lift with the heated leather seats and footrests.
1589 meters / 5.30 minutes

Hanazono Symphony Gondola

All-new gondola

The 10-person cabin will feature individual leather seats instead of benches to provide more personal space. It will send guests via an intermediate station to the top station located at the east end of the resort.
1,362 meters / 5 minutes

New Courses

Gondola also opens up the new courses on the eastern edge of the mountain. Top station is an entrance to a complete new course, and the middle station allows direct access to the part suitable for the slope-debutants.

Colly’s Folly

A new course from the gondola top station to middle station. 
Very wide, enjoyable 550 meters / Average slope angle just over 20 degrees

Juicy Fruit

Formerly a part of Stairway to Heaven, this will now have direct access by getting off the gondola at the middle station.
Suited for beginners – 800 meters / Average 7 degrees

Demolition of old Hana 1 lift base at Hanazono, Niseko
Demolition of the old Hana 1 base – fond memories of 1st Tracks days there .. © Hanazono