Getting on and off chairlifts - Snowboard

Emma 17.05.2024

 Tips for Getting Off The Chairlift From a Pro Snowboarder

TORAH BRIGHT is Australia’s most successful female Winter Olympian, former Olympic gold and silver medalist, two time X Games gold medalist and recipient of the Best Female Action Sports Athlete at the ESPY awards among many high level achievements. A commentator at the 2024 Aspen X- Games, Torah also spearheaded Australia’s favourite annual snowboarding event at Thredbo Resort, The Torah Bright mini-shred.

If you’re new to snowboarding, crossing over from skiing or feel unsure about getting on a chairlift on your snowboard, check out these tips below as Torah shares the methodology of perfecting the chairlift entry and exit!

  1. In the chairlift queue, shuffle yourself right up to the line where you get on the chair.
  2. When you’re standing and waiting for the chair, look over your shoulder to visually see it coming.
  3. Actively anticipate it coming and be ready to bend the knees softly as it comes behind you.
  4. Sit on the chair, shuffle back and get yourself comfy.
  5. As you near the top station, reposition your bum, because sometimes you’re sitting ‘square on’ so turn to the side a little.
  6. Lift up the bar and actively anticipate the top station.
  7. As your snowboard makes contact with the snow, make sure you’ve got a flat base.
  8. Use your hands and push yourself upwards as you bring your upper body weight over the centre of your feet.
  9. Get that back foot (that isn’t buckled in) positioned up firmly against your back binding.
  10. Knees slightly bent.
  11. Look where you want to go.
  12. Flatten the snowboard base and just ride it out!