Fitness, Preparation, Injuries And Recovery

Emma 30.05.2024

Injuries, illness recovery and fitness, they’re aspects we all deal with for keeping up with your family, ski buddies or a group on the ski hill. Fitness and injury affects getting value out of your lift ticket or your day, believe me I skied Verbier in Feb with severe plantar fasciitis and KNOW I skied just one quarter of the terrain on offer. Darn it if my foot wasn’t on fire demanding me to go inside and rest so regularly. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing you’ve paid a lot of hard earned money for a snow trip, blocked out time from work and chosen this over other opportunities (like chillaxing on a beach) with the horror of feeling ill-prepared, sore, unfit or unwell. 

To cap it all off, scrolling through instagram, trawling the internet or speaking to friends and family can make you confused as to the best approach for injury, recovery or ski prep fitness. How do you work out the best approach with advice from all these experts? Is there ANYONE who deals with ski-specific health issues and won’t give you either one-size fits-all advice or tips that don’t relate to snow sports?    

Have you tried Snow Australia? Aussie snow athletes are ‘nailing it’ internationally in snow sports right now with so many podiums, if you haven’t noticed yet – with an incredible professional team of coaches, nutrition and fitness experts who support them all the way to the top. This Snow Australia page is in plain sight, with advice on ‘activation, motivation and recovery in their movement tool kit with advice on cold plunge, how to manage concussions , mobility guides and helmet standards. There are also tips developed with the help of Olympic athletes such as Britt Cox, Danielle Scott and Belle Brockhoff.

“Snow Australia is the sporting organisation for competition Snow Sports in Australia. The Australia website is full of information on sporting pathways competitions, health and well-being as well as a great opportunity to be part of a Snow Sports community” (Sami-Kennedy Sim, 3-time Olympic athlete). 

Expert advice is thorough, ranging from mental health support, who to call and for which health issue, all in the one online location.

“Movement Tool Kit is a collection of tools to help you maximise your snow holiday. Here from national team athletes how they recover and post Ski sessions to ensure they’re ready for the next day . How to sessions, recovery strategies,  what to do before you pick up a glass of wine and much more” (Sami-Kennedy Sim). 

Sami also heads the brilliant Snow Ready program, which is “ a fun and inclusive fitness program designed to encourage people to get moving before their time on snow. First to last lifts and coming back for more”.

Fantastic stuff! See you out there.