New fenix 3 Multisport GPS watch from Garmin

snow action team 13.01.2015

Last year we gave Garmin a ‘Smart Stuff’ gold medal for their Fenix 2 GPS watch – which was/is awesome – but now they have stepped it up with their next ­generation multisport GPS watch, fēnix 3. With the new EXO™ GPS antenna, fēnix 3 boasts features that support a full range of multisport activities, from advanced fitness training, to cross­country and alpine skiing, snowboarding, as well as hiking, climbing and trail running. It’s also compatible with the Connect IQ™ store for even more smartwatch functionality and customisation from third­party apps.
Fēnix 3 is packed with training features to improve users’ form and fitness. When paired with a heart rate monitor2, fēnix 3 can estimate VO2 max to evaluate the user’s fitness level, and based on this calculation, predict race times. Fēnix 3 can also calculate recovery time and perform a recovery check after intense workouts, so users know how long to rest before their next hard workout to prevent injury. When paired with HRM­Run™, fēnix 3 reports advanced running dynamics, which includes cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to improve running economy.
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In addition to running, fēnix 3 also reports on biking, swimming, skiing and snowboarding, as well as daily activity tracking. In the pool or open water, fēnix 3 can track distance, pace, stroke count and more.
Ski/Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter on the user’s wrist while on the slopes. For everyday wear, fēnix 3 has activity tracking functionality, which provides a customised step goal each morning, then counts steps, calories and distance throughout the day. It also features a vibration move alert after one hour of inactivity and sleep mode to monitor quality of rest at night.
Like its predecessors, fēnix 3 comes equipped with a full navigational toolset. The EXO antenna paired with the 3­axis electronic compass, barometer and auto­calibrating altimeter allows fēnix 3 to easily navigate on and off the beaten track.
With fēnix 3, users can plan trips and navigate courses, mark locations, such as campsites or points of interest, and record GPS breadcrumb trails on the move. The TracBack feature can automatically reverse the activity to navigate back to the starting point.
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Connect IQ & Wireless Connectivity
With Connect IQ, fēnix 3 can be completely customised to suit the needs of the user. Connect IQ is the first­ever open platform for third­party developers to create apps and widgets for Garmin products. Through the Connect IQ store on the Garmin Connect Mobile app, users can download customised apps, widgets, data fields and watch faces to make their fēnix 3 even smarter.
Garmin is working with app developers to create fēnix 3 apps for the Connect IQ store. Tempo, for example, is building a smart calendar app that will let users see their upcoming events, and send an email from their watch if they are running late. LifeLine Response personal safety app is expanding to include Garmin devices with 24/7 Professional Safety. AccuWeather will offer an app to give users air quality and allergy information at a glance. iSKI is working on an app to provide the latest weather, snow, lift and slope information at a glance.
RRP AU $669-$849
More at www.garmin.com.au

road testing our Fenix 2 at Valle Nevado