Dahu 2021: Evolution of the Ski Boot Revolution

snow action team 28.11.2020

Dahu’s 2021 Ecorce boot range is the evolution of the soft ski boot revolution.

Dahu’s focus on making their Cambium soft boots the epitomy of style, comfort and function, while tweaking their Ecorce snap-on cabrio shell, takes the original winning concept to a new level.

2021 Dahu Ecorce 01W ski boot on snow
Dahu Ecorce 01W 2021 © skidahu.com

Google Dahu or soft ski boots and you’ll likely see our Dahu Ski Boot Revolution story top of the results page. Updated several times, as we tried more models in more conditions since our first Dahu experience back in January 2016 at Copper Mountain, it’s still all true. Except the model line up has changed. For the better.

Hopefully that article convinced thousands of readers to put Dahu on their new ski boot check list.

When you experience the freedom, comfort and fit of Dahu boots, which rock pretty much anything – from easy groomers to Japan’s best deep tree lines – you have to rate them.

Then when you do what you can’t do in regular ski boots – like drive to the snow, do the shinkansen shuffle, morph from ski boot to aprés boot, walk round inside the lodge, and more – you start thinking, “why bother with anything else?”

All this, and the clincher – no pain for the gain.

Yes, the bottom line is Dahu have pretty much discovered skiing’s Holy Grail, pain free boots.

Dahu Ski Boots glacier skiing Switzerland
All gain, no pain © skidahu.com

5 Top Reasons to try the 2021 Ski Dahu boot range

  • Comfort: Hand-stitched in Italy, Cambium boots feature primaloft insulation and plush inners.
  • Skiability: Charge as hard as you want. Or cruise. Or switch as mood/terrain dictates.
  • Pain free skiing: Ski all day in the outer, party all night in the inner.
  • Versatility: Whether you are ski in/ski out or travel for your snow fix doing it all in one boot is hard to beat.
  • Style matters: Hey, looking good is feeling good and you do/will with the Ecorce shell on or off.
2021 Dahu Ecorce 01X Women's model
2021 Dahu Ecorce 01X Womens model

Coming to America: the Dahu ski boot story continues

Through our 5 year’s experience of Dahu boots we have had very little to gripe about. Only two quibbles spring to mind.

First, the dual lace system was very effective done properly, but finicky to use. It also left you with a lot of cord to tie down if you couldn’t master wrapping them round the tie down stanchion at the top of the tongue.

Fixed! The new single cord system on the Cambium inner boot has a little joey cord pouch stitched to easily stow the cord.

Second, the more we used our Dahus the more we wanted a Grip Walk sole, whether crossing car parks or boot packing to access the goods. Also fixed! Grip Walk soles are now available and we would highly recommend that option. For those like us with previous Dahu models a retro-fit kit is available.

Dahu Ecorce 01X M model ski boot with hand stitched Italian leather inner
The Ecorce 01X M model with hand stitched Italian leather is slipping into something more comfortable, literally! © skidahu.com

Fixing details like these are a couple of the more obvious changes made by Dahu’s new owners, the Progression Brands Group.

Like a lot of great start ups, Dahu’s Swiss founders hit an expansion wall a couple of years back, without the capital to fund further growth.

Enter America’s Progression Brands, who got involved early in 2019, eventually purchasing the company from the original owner.

Progression Brands Clark Gundlach could see Dahu’s potential, having spent 17 years working with Burton and nearly 3 with Quicksilver in key roles.

“Since then we’ve enlisted many ski industry vets (including ourselves), hardgoods design pros, and brand engineers to work with us to refine and engineer the original Dahu ski boot design” Gundlach told Snow Action.

“Basically taking a conventional cabrio ski boot design to deliver next level painless performance we all dream about. Plus with the added convenience of an inner boot that can operate as a separate piece of winter alpine footwear. The new Ecorce01 launched in winter 19-20, and the slightly refined 20-21 version is delivering to North America and Europe this season.”

We would beg to differ on the conventionality of the cabrio design Clark. Conventional cabrio boots don’t open 180° so you can simply pop your inner boot into the shell like you do with Dahu’s propietary Corsair Entry System. This inherently simple, but highly effective system, combined with the functionality of the inner boot, is what sets Dahu apart.

They have streamlined the toe/forefoot area, for a sleeker look and snugger hold. If need be a boot fitter can easily expand this area thanks to the lightweight Grilamid shell.

The hand-stitched Italian leather on the liner makes the X series hands down the styliest inner boots/liners on the market. Making an unabashedly a premium product is a key focus.

Dahu’s Ecorce series gives a sleeker look with the enclosed toe area © skidahu.com

Distribution has expanded to match the new line up.

“We’ve quickly established a collection of the best in class ski retailers in North America and have expanded our EU list of dealers to include the same” says Gundlach.

Big news for Dahu fans in Australia (many of whom have contacted us) there is now an official Aussie Dahu Representative, experienced industry pro Dave Tweedie, and ski shops are getting on board – they will be available from Gravity Sports Jindabyne and STM in Bondi Junction from late May 2021. There is limited stock available, email Dave for details at ausdahu@gmail.com & see more below.

North America and Australia Dahu dealer contacts are here.

Europe Dahu dealer contacts are here

Walking in the Dahu 2021 Ecorce Cambium inner boots
Styling the 2021 Dahu Ecorce range © skidahu.com

Meet the Dahu Ecorce 2021 range

Simplifying the model line up makes it easy for consumers and retailers alike. There really is no need for a plethora of models.

Using the Corsair interface means the Cambium liners/inner boots all work equally well.

You only need to choose your flex option, either 135 or 120 for mens, 110 or 90 for womens.

Team that with your Cambium option, with three choices. Choose premium hand-stitched Italian leather on the limited edition Ecorce 01X models, or the soft suede feel liners on the mid range Ecorce 01, or save $USD 200 and go with the burly canvas liners on the Ecorce 01C models (only available in Mens 120 or Womens 90 flex).

The canvas liners work fine, while the others are plusher and now come with Recco system tags too.

The Grilamid lightweight shell plastic lends itself to tweaking if the toe box area is a little tight, but generally Dahu have always had a reputation for out-of-the-box fit. We sent our details to Switzerland and never had a drama with ours, which arrived ahead of a huge Japan trip.

Now Dahu step that up with the ‘Corsair Fit Experience’ 100% Fit Guarantee. Quote: “Our digital boot fit experience is built for the modern age. Work with a Dahu Master boot fitter from the comfort of your own home.”

All up, the 2021 Dahu ski boot line up is a dead set winner. Our only recommendation, ramp up production dudes! The premium 01X series are already sold out for now..

Dahu Pro Series for snow industry staff

Dahu had already established a great reputation in Europe, the ranges usually selling out for the past several seasons.

This includes a special relationship with ski professionals like patrollers, instructors, World Cup race coaches and course staff, and other mountain employees who find the Dahu Ecorce Pro models an amazing and comfortable timesaver that makes their often demanding jobs that much easier.

“The Ecorce 01 shell in Grilamid with a 135 flex together with the Cambium Pro boot have become an essential tool for my professional activity as ski patrol, snow maker and skidoo instructor” says one pro from Les Carroz in Le Grand Massif, France. “These new Dahu ski boots are just perfect for the snow professionals looking for the best compromise between technicality and comfort.”

The company has partnership arrangements with leading resorts including Verbier, and the likes of lift company Leitner-Poma. Any industry pros reading this can check out more on the site here.

The Dahu Pro series features 135 and 120 mens, and 110 flex women’s models.

2021 Dahu Ecorce Pro Series range

Dahu lands Downunder, at last

Yes, we know! It’s been a struggle to get Dahu boots in Australia. But finally a limited test batch, which sold out, were available. Looking ahead Dahu’s Australian rep and long term skier Dave Tweedie can set you up with a pair in the meantime. As more shops are on board ahead of next southern winter we will update that.

Dave has done 10 seasons in Thredbo, 8 at Treble Cone, plus lived in BC for years at Red and Fernie and squeezed in 5 European winters as well.

So he likes and needs a boot that performs.

“I spent this season in Thredbo to ski the boot and see the interest first hand. There was a great deal of positive interest in the boot and skiers were super keen to get a set on” he reports.  

“It is a performance boot that is very comfortable that anyone – young, old, new to the game or pros – can ski in. Plus you get the added bonus of the inner boot to walk in, drive home in, or hang out in.”

“I did plenty of days hiking to areas in the inner only, then boot packing up with the boot on in the snow – including out to Kosci a few times. Then I walked home after a big day still in comfort.”

The small selection of Dahu boots in Gravity Sports at Thredbo sold out.

At this stage Tweedie is hoping to have the Encore 01 Mens and Womens boots available, pricing expected $USD 899 $AUD 1299.

Stay tuned for details. Check out our earlier feature for more on the Dahu experience, check the Ski Dahu website for more on the new range.

Skiing Dahu Ecorce 2021 boots at Thredbo
Dahu’s Dowunder Rep Dave Tweedie on the charge out back of Thredbo © Ryder Tweedie