Check out the new Icelantic skis range

snow action team 02.05.2016

Icelantic skis are one of the leaders of the Indie Brands revolution shaking up the ski industry, as owner/athlete operated brands go from niche to big time. SnowAction caught up with several of the best indie brand founders in the USA recently for our mega Indie Ski Berandz feature in the new Southern winter issue.
Among them was Ben Stevens, founder of Icelantic, which is now the #1 Made-in-the-USA ski brand, and #13 overall in America. That’s an outstanding achievement for a guy who literally started making skis in High School.
Even better, the brand is now fully available with ski hop/dealer back up down under.
Check out Ben running through the new 2016-17 Icelantic skis range here. You can get them at Harros Snowsports Lake Crackenback & Snowbizz Brisbane/Gold Coast. For more local dealers check ubersports@gmail.com
And of course www.icelanticskis.com

For the full interview with Ben see the new issue at newsagents/ski & board shops for print or digital/ipad version grab here