Carbo Load the Canadian Way At Big White

The classic Canadian combo of poutine for main course and beaver tails for dessert will keep you smashing powder all day at Big White.

Our Canadian cousins have been living with cold forever, so they know a thing or two about carbo loading to stave off winter chills and keep those energy (and stored fat!) levels high.

Or Beaver Tails and coffee for breakfast on the run as you ski out to the lifts, followed by poutine for lunch perhaps?

Whichever way you tackle these Canuck cuisine classics you will be fully, and we mean fully, loaded.

So for the uninitiated, what are they?

Beaver Tails and Poutine, Canadian carbo load classics at Big White:
Carbo load up on Beaver Tails – an awesome pow day brekkie © Big White Ski Resort

Beaver Tails – or Queues de Castor (hey, I just learnt something school French failed to teach me, the origin of our English word queue, from the French for tail .. random knowledge strikes!) are a fried-dough pastry, pulled by hand to resemble the long, flat tail of a beaver, then topped with anything from the classic cinnamon and sugar to whipped cream and Nutella.

Brekkie in itself with a latte!

Poutine, a classic Quebecois dish from eastern Canada now a national favourite too, takes chips and gravy next level with the addition of cheese curds. Carbs, fat, protein! You could live on this stuff .. albeit a shorter life. Seriously though, for winter power for instant energy and chill-busting protection to last the day it is perfectly nutritionally balanced in our opinion (disclaimer: we have the medical knowledge of the average Facebook fake news disseminator).

Oh, and the fringe benefit of perfect aprés preparation too. Be ready for a beer or several.

For the best of both at Big White try The Caf in Happy Valley and The Bullwheel

Poutine and beers at Big White
Poutin is the perfect aprés ski “snack” too © Big White Ski Resort

Too many carbs? No problem, there are plenty more chilled activities to burn some off than just skiing or boarding at Big White.

Ice Skating is like surfing for Canadians. They grow up doing it. And of course ice hockey is the ultimate expression. Is there anything more canuck than a game of stick and puck? Big White is home to Canada’s highest elevation skating rink, and has skate, helmet and hockey stick rentals right beside the rink. Lace up and give it a whirl!

Dog sledding at Big White
Dog sledding © Big White Ski Resort

Dog Sledding The traditional mode of transport for Canada’s Inuit – northern indigenous peoples – dog sledding is truly a bucket list experience. Not only will you experience the thrill of mushing through knee-deep powder, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet the dogs and learn about the process of harnessing before heading out on the trails, giving you extra dog sledding insight.  

Night sleigh rides at Big White Ski Resort
Night sleigh rides: give the kids a taste of how Santa travels © Big White Ski Resort

This all adds up to what they call “true north strong and free”, living the Canadian way in style.

With Canada easily our best option for snow travel this northern winter, Big White is the ideal resort to experience the full Canadiana experience to go with the great snow.

As of 5th of December the alpine base is already over 100cm, setting up another great season.

Deals include every 5th night freecheck more on that and accommodation options on the link here.

Like a more permanent piece of the 100% ski in/ski out options at Big White? Check our feature on their super affordable on-snow studios upcoming in the Forest Suites project.