Boys Just Want to Have Fun? OOSC Ski Gear Delivers

snow action team 25.07.2021

Our OOSC Ski Gear on snow test was huge fun.

Remember when going to the snow was all about fun? You got geared up in funky outfits, smashed some lines, then switched to party mode shortly thereafter. Or during if there was a good lunch spot with a suitable party sundeck to chill out at.

Big hair, big air, big onesies, big hangovers, big fun.

Styling OOSC Jamie Nicholls Snow Park jacket and Fresh Pow Pants
Blend in, or stand out .. our tester styling OOSC Jamie Nicholls Jacket and Fresh Pow pants at Thredbo © snowaction.com.au

Then it all got a bit too serious. Snowboarding gave us grunge and the I-pooped-my-pants look. Skiing gave us ‘technical’.

Tech gear, tech clothing, tech advice, even tech tricks. And of course, all done in oh-so-boring tech colours. How did that happen?

Seriously, think about it. If you actually want to get found out in the wilds, or after being half-buried in a snow slide, which will work best: blend-in blacks, browns and greys or flash red with multicolour highlights?

It’s something I think about while doing photo shoots with super talented sponsored skiers and boarders as they blend into the rocks/trees/grey sky backgrounds. How many times have I wished they wore something lighter and brighter?

Nothing wrong with tech fabrics and smart design for functionality of course.

But the last really fun to wear gear I had personally were my 1993 vintage yellow S.O.S. pants (with braces of course!) that Mrs Snow Action kindly decided to donate to the homeless in Buenos Aires back in 2002 after our month long round the Andes recce mission that winter. Sure, they needed them more than me, but it’s been a downward spiral into boring earth tones, greys and blacks ever since.

Conditions got pretty rugged, I stayed toasty © snowaction.com.au

So when the box from Britain’s trendsetting OOSC-Clothing finally arrived I was like the kid in the lolly shop.

Checking out pictures on their website gave an indication what to expect, but reality was so much better, and brighter!

How drop dead gorgeous is this I’m thinking as I ripped open the box. From sitting at home depressed, contemplating the pandemic wrecking the season again, I was suddenly all fired up to hit the slopes. Just like ye olde pow day frenzy, but this time inspired by the gear in the box.

Red rules!

I couldn’t help but pop on the OOSC Snow Park Overhead Jacket and Fresh Pow pants for a quick try on round the house.

Three generations of assembled family females were suitably impressed.

So was the lovely lady on the till at Harro’s Snowsports next day when Mitch Harrison was setting up a set of Kastle MX 88s for me to test up at Thredbo along with the OOSC jacket and pants, some Naked Optics goggles and Dahu boots.

“That’s the most beautiful ski jacket I’ve ever seen!” she exclaimed.

Now this particular red rooster has been out of the hen’s market for 40 years come October, but there’s a reason males of the species usually have to have the best look in everything from chooks to monkeys. Yep, as David Attenborough fans know, females of the species generally respond to display and plumage. Louder the better. Just saying lads..

OOSC chic magnet effect (nb: not our tester, no need to dob him in to Mrs Snow Action) © OOSC

Of course there are other retro/fun brands out there offering gear to funk things up.

But getting OOSC on snow at Thredbo it was immediately obvious this is definitely NOT novelty gear.

In fact, OOSC out-techs much of my so-called tech gear for functionality, especially on the pockets front. There are plenty of accessible pockets, with leather pull downs on the waterproof YKK zips and pop button over clips too. Phone, GoPro, camera gloves, built in goggle wipe, sunnies, whatever I needed to pop in a pocket there was always one handy.

The attention to detail runs to taped seams, wrist gaiters, adjustable velcro cuffs, a brushed tricot soft chin guard, removable powder skirt, glove loops and under arm ventilation.

Attention to detail: YKK waterproof zippers all with handy leather tags © snowaction.com.au

The breathability/waterproofing ratings are a respectable 10k / 10k. Sure, I have other gear in 15/15 and 20/20, but for everyday skiing and boarding, unless you really like being out in pissing rain, OOSC will more than do the job all season.

Wearing just OOSC thermals (stay tuned for full review and an awesome product give away for those) and a MacPac mid layer thin top I was toasty warm even in an icy windblown whiteout at the top of Karels. Conversely, I never got too hot even charging hard lower down the mountain.

Over the years I have moved away from pop over tops in favour of jackets, mainly to quickly cool down when you stop and for inside/at night/traveling etc. Think hot Shinkansen to freezing platform for example.

But the Jamie Nicholls Signature Series OOSC Snow Park Overhead Jacket features near full-length venting zips on both sides from the waist to under the armpits, so you can easily get some airflow happening. Plus it’s seriously loose enough for any park moves.

Jamie is a GB snowboard legend with 2 Winter Olympics under his belt, so if it works for him it will work for you. It sure as hell worked for me, not that I have any park moves.

Jacket and pants feel built to last – love the fat protection on the inside legs for example © snowaction.com.au

The OOSC Fresh Pow Pants feature big, tough ankle/lower leg reinforcement inserts for those edge/binding tearing moments, ankle gaiters, adjustable ankle flaps, YKK zippers with leather pull tags, taped seams, glove loops, heaps of pockets including a fat cargo pocket, and big knee to groin leg vents. Last but not least, a soft brushed tricot waistband extends into a full bum wrap to keep your ass toasty inside them.

I have yet to try the OOSC gear skinning up anywhere, but the ventilation on jacket and pants certainly looks good enough to handle that. Through main season at least, if not in the full heat of an Aussie spring. Might scare the echidnas though. We’ll update on that score soon.

Made from recycled plastics, OOSC clothing ticks the enviro-friendly boxes too.

They rate highly for quality, functionality, design, and are just over the top for style.

Who wants to be serious at the snow anyway? Skiing and boarding are the coolest sports on the planet partly because they’re the only ones with partying built in.

For boys (or girls, OOSC ladies gear is awesome too) that want to have more fun at the snow you should get into this gear soon.

OOSC Clothing is good value too: the Jamie Nicholls Snow Park Jacket is GBP 185, the Fresh Pow Pants GBP 165. That’s around AUD 345 / 310 at the moment.

As usual, Snow Action has lined up a discount for you: enter code Snowaction10 for 10% off.

Free shipping from the UK is included with orders over GBP 250 – check out the full range on their website here.

Bottom line: most fun gear we have tried in ages that also works great at very reasonable rates. Get on it.