Black Diamond Route 95 ski test: let's get out there!

snow action team 02.09.2020

The Black Diamond Route 95 will get you from here to there in and out of bounds says our top all-things-BC tester Steve Leeder.

One of the best all around back country skis we’ve skied on.

“It’s light and playful but it skis like a solid strong resort ski”

Getting air on Black Diamond Route 95 skis at Perisher
Rock it in bounds or out © Owain Price

It’s easy to say a ski works great in powder cause well they all do, but for the size of the ski it floats really well. It compares to a much longer ski, this means that you can stay on the shorter size to keep it playful in the trees.

Where I was impressed was how it handled the cruddy and tracked up snow. Skiing rutted out slush and staying on a rail was surprisingly easy. 

As a tele or an AT ski the ROUTE 95 fits the bill for a one quiver for sure. 

Just fine for getting sendy on too ..

If you like wider check the Route 105 too.


Weight Per Pair :

[163 cm] 2.8 kg

[173 cm] 3.1 kg

[183 cm] 3.2 kg

Dimensions :

[163 cm] 122-95-112

[173 cm] 123-95-113 

[183 cm] 125-95-114

Turn Radius :

[163 cm] 18 m

[173 cm] 19 m

[183 cm] 20 m

$AUD 849

Go and check out the full range of BD skis from Wilderness Sports in Jindabyne with the biggest range of all things back country and the knowledge of 30+ years experience in the Main Range.

Black Diamond Route 95 ski mounted with tele bindings
ff the BD Route 95 with tele bindings