Black Diamond Deploy 7 Shovel Does It All

The Black Diamond Deploy 7 is a great do-it-all snow shovel says our BC guru Steve Leeder.

Okay, the snow shovel is not usually the most thought about item of gear in your kit. But with the best end of July snowpack since 2000 and counting we all needed a shovel this season.

We carry a shovel for two reasons, ok some for three, but most just sort of think “a shovel is a shovel give me one that’s kinda light and small”, but don’t really look at what makes the shovel the right one.

The Deploy 7 is great for making kickers too © Steve Maxwell

The Black Diamond DEPLOY 7 is my go to snow shovel for a couple simple reasons.

1. The size. Perfect

The blade is big enough to dig a campsite. The walls you need to block wind and make a camp kitchen. The blade is small enough to slide into my small pack for side country laps. Depending on your pack you can either slide the handle into the blade or take it out and it’s even smaller. 

2. Strength

Cutting blocks, digging into heavy or crusted snow or ice crust is hard work, and if the shovel is a flimsy light weight shovel it’s going to break. The deploy blade is bomb proof. I’ve smashed into rocks while digging and the blade wasn’t even dinted.

3. Shape

The curve of the blade to the handle is pretty sweet. Sorry, ergonomic is a much better term. Dig and throw in a fast smooth manner. Slide in, slide out, fast and easy. 

What are the two reasons to carry a shovel? Dig someone out of an avalanche or build your snow camp. The deploy 7 is perfect for both.

But what was that 3rd reason? Oh yeah, you can make sweet jumps with it. Pack in the snow and sculpt a perfect lip. Yep this is kinda part of point number three. The curve is perfect.

Never know when you are going to need a kicker © Steve Maxwell

Deploy 7 Shovel Specs

+ Curved, trapezoidal shaft nests in the anodized blade of the shovel
+ Engages in a fraction of a second
+ Hybrid D/T handleTECH SPECS:
+ Weight : 700 g (1 lb 8 oz)
+ Blade Volume : 2.65 L (0.7 gal)
+ Collapsed Length : 47.0 cm (18.5 in)
+ Extended Length : 68.0 cm (26.8 in)

Available from Wilderness Sports $AUD 129

Black Diamond Deploy 7 snow shovel blade extended and compacted view
Open and shut case, Deploy 7 rules © Steve Leeder