Australia Survives Attack of the Antarctic Blob

snow action team 23.08.2020

Australia survives Attack of the Antarctic Blob.

In fact, we loved it, Not the biggest blizzard ever, but the name is kind of catchy, and in 2020 we’ll take anything.

The A-Blob delivered an all time pow day on Saturday, some warm-ups ahead of that, and it’s still kicking on with a top up Sunday. Sucking straight up from the south, the snow was as dry as it gets downunder.

Saturday was all time – thanks Blob! © Thredbo

Our A-Z snow prediction was a bit over the top. Fecent snow fell across the Central Tablelands, but not much beyond that. The Barrington Tops north of Newcastle got a 2cm dusting Saturday morning, so we got that part of the prediction right.

Perisher and Thredbo went off for all those lucky enough to be there.

Thredbo were calling 110cm from the storm, Perisher 91cm so far on Sunday.

Our crew in the midst of it reckoned 50cm – a metre in wind drift areas they hit at Thredbo Saturday.

“Driest snow I’ve ever had up top in Thredbo” says our Snowboard Editor Peter Wunder, who is out there nearly every day, every season, so he knows what he’s talking about. “Very consistent snow all the way to the bottom.”

“Warming up a little now, but still dry up top” is Pete’s update today. Bit of a change from the deepest wettest pow day back in July.

Conditions should stay good for a while longer, with temperatures mainly staying cold and some more light falls later in the week.

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By Friday it was already getting sweet. This is Pete on Trapdoor (which is above Funnelweb for those who don’t know their Thredbo runs that well), above. Then Saturday just went off. Guess you had to have been there .. 

Down in Victoria obviously it’s salt in the wound for all those in lockdown, but locals have been taking full advantage.

An amazing 12km ski down the Buller access road gets our gong for Best-of-Blob performance by Rob Aivotoglou, Teddy Laycock and Toby Fleming. Rob, who’s family own Buller landmark George’s Ski Hire, grew up on the mountain and he’s never skied the road before.

There is a slim chance Buller could yet re-open if the Victorian regional COVID restricitions ease in mid-September. After the Attack of the Antarctic Blob there will likely be enough snow. If it does, get your gear from George’s!

The lads set out very early – or late, depending on your perspective.

Some Thredbo riders were scared what the Blob might throw at them © Peter Wunder