Year round snow travel insurance for $360? Yes, Wow!

snow action team 05.11.2015

Everybody thinking snow up north right now will also have to sort their travel insurance, and as we reported back in the April issue the new kid on the block at www.noworriesinsurance.com.au had a new, very inclusive, Snow Travel Insurance product. The inclusions list is huge, and it’s taken off.

But if, like us, you do more than one trip a year then annual travel insurance makes a lot of sense, and no worries annual multi-sport product is pretty amazing – you get covered for doing all the fun stuff you love going on holiday to do, around the world or around Australia. With NoWorries Annual Multi-Trip cover you’re covered for a huge range activities including skiing, snowboarding, cycle touring, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, surfing and more.

All their Annual Multi-Trip products also include all year round cover for any trips you take within Australia as well as internationally. This can be really valuable when it comes to Cancellation costs, Lost Luggage, Personal Accident and Rental Excess Reimbursement Insurance.
You also get Rental Excess Insurance cover, one of the most under rated benefits of Travel Insurance. Frequent travellers can save hundreds of dollars by not having to take the expensive Car Rental excess insurance each time – think your motorhome trip round NZ or using that Epic Pass in the States perhaps?
We liked it so much we leant on them for a Snow Action reader’s deal – it’s normally great value at $450 per person, per year, but with our deal using promo code EPICSNOW you get 20% off that so it’s just $360 for annual multi-trip travel insurance that includes a heap of snow specific extras.
Check it out here and their PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) for full details

If you don’t need year round cover get 10% off individual trip coverage every time you go somewhere using promo code SNOSAFE

But knowing our reader’s habits, the new annual one will work better, and save you heaps. We have had injuries, cancellations, gear lost, stolen and delayed, cars damaged and the usual run of what goes wrong over 20 years of publishing SnowAction, and nothing beat quality insurance for taking the stress out of sorting it all out.