Don Quijote Voucher Deal: ski and shop Japan!

Don Quijote, or ‘Donki’ as they are called, are the biggest chain of discount stores in Japan. Japanese shopping generally is another great reason to visit apart from the snow, and it doesn’t get better than with Don Quijote – they currently have 377 stores across Japan at which the discount voucher coupons are valid. That includes New Chitose and Narita airports and close to most major ski destinations you might be heading to.

The store list is made up of: • 215 Don Quijote’s • 133 MEGA Don Quijote’s • 29 MEGA Don Quijote UNY’s/Don Quijote UNY’s

Entertainment Shopping

Don Quijote’s philosophy is “Entertainment Shopping”.

Which means they want you to have fun treasure hunting for whatever takes your fancy. From practical to the weird and wonderful only-in-Japan items, Don Quijote stores have a huge range. From cosmetics to games, electronics to fitness gear, stationary to clothes, shoes to protection like motorbike helmets, drones to stuffed toys, and so much more.

We defy anyone to get out of one without finding something they want – never mind what the family will want if you’ve got them in tow.

Voucher links

The range and prices are fantastic, but with Snow Action’s Don Quijote discount “Yokoso Coupon” it’s even better value – save Y2,000 (@ $AUD 26) – click here or the coupon below to access your voucher.

NB: Just save the link in your phone ready for when you go shopping to show the cashiers in stores. You need to bring up the voucher on screen, not have a screen save of it.

Donqui have great staff and assistance for international shoppers.

Where to find your nearest Don Quijote store?

Check their interactive storefinder on the website here – just click on the prefecture.

For example, in Hokkaido you can find stores at Otaru, perfect for Niseko visitors, several including Mega Donki stores in Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate and at New Chitose Airport International Terminal.

Myoko or Lotte Arai skiers can scoot over to Joetsu City.

Hakuba and Shiga skiers can head to Nagano.

Heading north to Fukushima, Iwate, Akita and/or Aomori? Shop Donki in Fukushima, Sendai, Morioka, Hachinohe & Aomori.

At Narita there’s a 24 hour Mega Don Quijote store – check in then go do your shopping and save! Other big locations also run 24 hours.

What to buy at Don Quijote?

Ha ha, well what not too! Drones, gadgets, games, gizmos, watches, headphones, tec stuff, cosmetics, games, fitness, bikes, helemets, toys galore, souvenirs, shoes, clothes, snacks .. here’s just a little sample.

They also have hot food to keep you going.