Who Loves Neon Night Skiing at Perisher?

snow action team 11.03.2021

In the COVID crazy 2020 season Perisher kept night skiing going and our roving reporter Trent Abberfield gave it a shot to maximise his limited time on snow. He gave it a 10/10.

Who else loves night skiing at Perisher? Or Neon Night Skiing as it’s known nowadays. Get on it this winter.

Fireworks over night ski slopes at Perisher
Going off with a bang © Perisher Media

So it was a last minute thing. The season had, to put it mild, been difficult.

Difficult to access our favourite runs and resorts, the snow has been late in coming, the rain has always followed the snow on the conditions front.

Now imagine you’re from Queensland, like we were. You know you can’t book anything, as the borders could slam shut at any moment. So, we did the only reasonable thing keen skiers could do, we moved to the ACT.

Before we went, we booked passes for Thredbo and on a whim this thing at Perisher called Night Ski? Do we do that here?

Well, its booked. Do not worry – it was cheap, not even $80 for the two of us.

So, after a long day at that other NSW resort which was OK in the morning, very spring like in the afternoon, we made the trip around the Aussie alpine to Perisher.

View up at Front Valley during night skiing at Perisher
Night skiing is a lot of fun © Trent Abberfield

When we arrived the Groomers were out in force on Front Valley. After the groomers dressed her in some fine corduroy and as the sun set the lights came on and she looked like the belle of the ball.

Still a bit sceptical we lined up with a very colourful crowd to try night time skiing downunder.

There were people dressed up in animal themed onesies, there were younger riders with elaborate balloon animals and creations attached to their helmets, a carnival atmosphere was developing.

We sat on the chair rode up the lift – only four per eight seat chair – and skied to the start. I Looked down the semi dark hill and went wow, then carved fast down the hill over perfectly groomed slopes.

The difference was well, night and day.

The kids on the carpet were having fun but us big kids on the snow were rocketing laps like it was our job. I don’t think I have had that much fun on Front Valley since my first trip to Perisher many years ago.

I would recommend this to anyone, of any level to try, its fun just pure fun and at 7.25 pm the fireworks started and there were ooohs and aaaahs and woo hoos from young and old alike.

If you have not been and are thinking of it, it is worth every penny. I am going again for sure. Thanks Perisher, that was 10/10 stoke.

The Perisher Neon Night Skiing Lowdown:

Neon night skiing & boarding under lights at Perisher is an experience like no other. In the winter season, dress up in your best neon gear every Tuesday and Saturday night from late June to Mid September. Front Valley will undergo a quick groom and then you can ski & board under lights from 6:00pm-9:00pm on the Village Eight Express!  

Over at Smiggins Holes every Wednesday from early July Smiggins lights up for the kids and offers night skiing & boarding on Zoe’s Carpet and lots of fun for the little ones on Wednesday nights from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, conditions permitting. And best of all, it’s FREE! The Smiggin Holes Fireworks display will kick off at 8pm. Please note: there is no shuttle bus between Perisher and Smiggin Holes on Wednesday nights.

More on the website. Night ski rates have not been set yet for 2021; if you have an Epic Australia Pass it is included.

A lot of families like night skiing for good reasons © Perisher Media