Victorinox Work Champ Does It All

What did the pocket knife say to the Victorinox Work Champ?

Give up? … “You’re a tool!”

Victorinox Work Champ tools displayed

Yes it is, and the Work Champ does it all. We don’t go anywhere without it pretty much it’s so handy.

My friends still claim editing snow magazines is not actually work. But it is, and for 30+ years helping me do that job my constant companion has been a humble, or not so humble these days, variant of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

I had the best simple ski specific one 30 years ago: with ice scraper, phillips & regular screwdriver, knife, corkscrew and bottle opener it pretty much covered my day from di-icing the windscreen pre-dawn to aprés post-dusk. I loved it, but sadly it was lost or stolen years ago.

The replacement was a full spectrum had-it-all version I carried everywhere in my hand luggage until 2001’s terrorist attacks ended that. Caught out with it at security in Buenos Aires on a flight down to the World’s most southerly ski area, Cerro Castor in Ushuaia, I had the bright idea of paying the newstand kiosk guy just before security a few dollars to mind it, with the promise of more dollars when I came back four days later. Miraculously that worked. But it mysteriously dissapeared later too – lost or stolen? You can’t be too careful with something as downright useful as a Swiss Army Knife.

Flash forward to Verbier 2017 and the fantastic Tourist Office crew gave me a Verbier logo version for my 60th birthday present. The icing on the cake of a great day. If you have a big birthday coming up, Verbier sure is a great place to celebrate it.

But now it’s 2023, and like a fine wine or over-ripe banana (take your pick), I have matured, and so has the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife range.

The latest Victorinox Work Champ is awesome! 

So many features, so useful.

The 2 phillips head drivers will sort your loose binding problems &/or clean the ice out of your pin toes; two sizes of regular screwdriver heads handle most screws; an ingenious tiny screwdriver that’s hidden on the corkscrew does the screws in sunglasses/devices etc; the pliers are strong enough for twisting wire so handle boot buckle issues with ease; the metal file can quick-tune rock ravaged edges with 3 levels of coarseness; the saw will cut metal too; a sharp-as scraper knife will remove bits of base or shave cheese according to your need; scissors; a decent knife blade of course; cap and bottle openers; last but not least, and old school these days but still handy some places, a corkscrew.

So much utility in such a handy little tool!

It is great for at the snow or anywhere. I just love it, and take it everywhere now stowed in check-in baggage. It even comes in very handy for opening coconuts.. – Owain Price

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