Thredbo Merrits Chairs auction raises over $200,000

snow action team 21.10.2019

In a presentation at Thredbo on Thursday 17 October Stuart Diver, General Manager of Thredbo Resort, presented six local Snowy Mountains charities and non-for-profit organisations with $12,000 cheques as part of the $200,000 plus proceeds raised from the Merritts Chair Online Charity Auction.

Legend Tommy Tomasi accepts cheque for Thredbo Volunterr Ski Partrol

The remaining funds were then presented to the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation at their biggest fundraising event of the year, Radiothon at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead on Friday 18 October 2019. 

The Merritts Chair Online Charity Auction, held over the period 24 September to 1 October 2019, far exceeded expectations with every one of the 112 historic Merritts Chairs that were listed in the auction converted into monetary donations that will serve to benefit the local and wider community.

Stuart Diver, General Manager of Thredbo Resort addressed the attendees at Thursday’s cheque presentation in Thredbo and said “Thredbo, and the Snowy Mountains community is so fortunate to have local organisations that support, nurture and deliver so much good into our community. It is only with the selfless commitment from volunteers and organisations who care, that we have such a thriving, supportive community.”

Local Snowy Mountains charities and not-for-profit organisations that attended the cheque presentation in Thredbo included:

  • Thredbo Early Childhood Centre
  • Thredbo Volunteer Ski Patrol
  • Disabled Wintersport Australia
  • Jindabyne Trail Stewardship
  • The Fly Program
  • Thredbo Historical Society

The response on the day was extremely positive. Thredbo Volunteer Ski Patrol Ambassador Tommy Tomasi accepted the cheque on its behalf and said, “Our organisation is completely volunteer based and relies on support such as that shown by Thredbo to continue running our essential service. We love the mountains, including all the challenges that come with them, and we look forward to using this donation to help people continue to enjoy all that Thredbo has to offer.”

Rick Coate, Chief Executive Officer of Disabled Wintersport Australia said “Thredbo’s generous donation helps us to achieve our mission — allowing our members and their families along with DWA to provide equipment, staff and volunteers to find freedom on snow, realising the barriers they can overcome and achieving independence. Our organisation is all about supporting grass roots level participation in snowsports and this money will go directly towards providing specialised equipment and aiding volunteers to help our athletes.”

At the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation’s Radiothon, Stuart Diver presented a cheque to the value of $170,000 to the Foundation. Nicola Stokes, CEO of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation said “Thredbo really understand their place in the community and the amazing joy they bring to people each winter. The sale of the chairlifts and Thredbo’s donation will help to bring joy to thousands of children who many never get the opportunity to ski. We are extremely grateful to Thredbo for extending joy to thousands of families across NSW and truly living their values of community support.” 

Jindy trails benefit too!