Summer in the Snowy #2: Wet and Wild Jindabyne

snow action team 31.01.2021

Our Summer in the Snowy series continues with more great things to do with the kids up there – Steve Leeder and the crew get wet and wild on Lake Jindabyne.

When you take a trip to Jindabyne you normally think about hitting the resorts. Winter or summer we are always bombarded with how good it is in the resorts, so for the most part we tend to go straight there for all our fun adventures.

But no matter the season Jindabyne is full of things to do right from the centre of town.

Catamaran sailing on Lake Jindabyne
Steve and Minty beating the heat © Steve Leeder

The last few days in town it was over 30 degrees, and I really wasn’t keen to even look at my bike.

I was keen for something different to do with the kids. Lake Jindabyne is right ther and man it offers a million options.  

As soon as I woke up, even before my ride into town to get a coffee from CBD, I jumped in for a swim. The water was so clean and refreshing I was almost so revived that I didn’t need my caffine fix. Ha, yeah right!

Now if you are as lucky as the crew we were camped up beside and have a crazy awesome ski boat, the first few hours of the day the lake is glass and perfect for carving up the wake.

But that wasn’t on our cards, so on our bikes we rode over to the Sacred Ride water shop at Snowline Caravan park. Here they have Stand Up Paddle Boards, 1 and 2 person kayaks, canoes, and the thing we were most excited about, the catamarans.

Take your pick from plenty of options © Steve Leeder

Now when I was a kid I spent my whole summers on the water, for a small chunk of my grommet life I lived on the water in a small sailboat and before that I had my own little single sail dingy that I would spend as much time as possible in. I knew a few things about sailing but that was a real long time ago so I was hoping that I still remembered what to do out there. Nic the owner of the shop said it was just like riding a bike so I should be sweet.

As soon as we set off we were having fun. A nice little down wind tack put us all the way out towards Lion Island and totally out having fun. The wind was a bit finicky for us, but that was definitely not going to dampen out spirits. What was going to dampen them was tipping the cat over, which we almost did a couple times – once on purpose, but I decided at the last minute it wasn’t fair to dunk poor Iggy overboard while he was feeling sick with the flu.

If you get stuck the rescue boat will help you out © Steve Leeder

Don’t worry if you get out to the island or anywhere away from shore and can’t get back there is a pretty sweet little rescue boat and the crew are always watching out to make sure everyone is under control.

We were sitting for a while not really going anywhere and had a visit from them. Everything was cool, we just needed some more wind to come up.

Sailing on Lake Jindabyne
Captain Minty at the helm.. © Steve Leeder

Minty is only 8, and she was on the helm for most of the arvo and having “the time of her life”.

She has never been on a boat, so it was a pretty amazing experience for her to be really sailing. 

Weather you’re in town to ride bikes or just coming for a visit you should definitely set some time aside for some play at the lake. Pop in to see the crew at Sacred Ride and they will definitely sort you out and make sure you are ready for an awesome time.

The kayaks were pretty fun too! Summer in the Snowy rules..

More Info:

Don’t worry if you have no gear – you can hire life jackets and wetsuits as well as a selection of SUPs, kayaks and catamarans from the friendly crew at Sacred Ride in Jindy