New star emerges at Women's Slopestyle

snow action team 28.01.2013

Tiril Sjåstad.. Do you know that name? Because you will from now on! This queen of shred from Norway impressed the hell out of me on her first rail of her final run. Nailing a perfect front swap to blind 270 out, getting technical on the rails definitely put her ahead in my mind.
And as for her jumps, her 900 blunt on the money booter was great to watch!

Kaya Turski put down a solid run after having some trouble on her rails and an overshoot on the money booter in her first runs.
She had some impressive rails up top, and managed to get all of her grabs in on the jumps which is always great to see.
What was letting her down was the fact that she didn’t get in any unnatural spins in on the jumps, something Tiril did superbly.
Dara Howell put up a strong run looking really comfortable with her switch cork 5 and her cork 7. She also had a right side 5 off the first jump, great to see unnatural spins making their way into the chicks events. And hey, that last flat spin 5 was obviously a super comfortable trick, she didn’t let go of that grab until the very end.
I think maybe we should all petition for there to be Women’s Big Air, because everyone is going to stick to what they know on the slope style course, as it’s crucial to not risk messing up for your next hit, but I for one would love to see what the girls would throw without that pressure.

Report by Jodan Cook, Freeride Editor
Aspen, CO – January 27, 2013 – Buttermilk Mountain: Tiril Sjastad Christiansen competing in Ski Jeep Slopestyle Women’s Final during X Games Aspen 2013. (Photo by Tom Zuccareno / ESPN Images)

Results –
1 Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen 9.33 R91.33 R92.33 92.33
2 Kaya Turski R33.66 R13.33 90.00 90.00
3 Dara Howell R21.66 R89.33 R16.33 89.33
4 Ashley Battersby R28.00 R88.66 R33.33 88.66
5 Keri Herman R84.66 R88.33 R25.66 88.33
6 Yuki Tsubota R87.66 R85.33 R30.66 87.66
7 Jamie Crane-Mauzy R15.66 R31.66 R74.33 74.33