Snow is good, unrestricted Epic Passes, get into it!

snow action team 24.07.2020

Even without COVID-19 the 2020 ski season would not have been great, but for those who can go the snow is getting good now.

We had a huge day in and out of Perisher yesterday, and our Thredbo crew are reporting similar stoke levels.

The cover is not deep everywhere, though we found some waist deep ourselves (secret spot to be revealed shortly).

But it has packed down into a really solid base. Anywhere with snowmaking on top is good. Anywhere with windblown is better.

waist deep at Perisher
Thursday 23rd July secret spot Perisher © Owain Price

If you have been monitoring the snowcams you might be surprised; it’s actually better than the cams show.

There are a few flurries or bit of drizzle in the forecasts over the weekend, which shouldn’t make much difference to the overall situation.

The cloud will mostly clear out and similar conditions will be on offer for a while with no serious dumps on the horizon.

Epic Australia Pass holders can head up to Perisher unrestricted now, with no need to pre-book slots. They have done a huge job opening up so much terrain. There were queue free lifts all over the place, despite the riding limits for COVID of 2 on a quad (except household groups) etc, and everything was moving smoothly.

Some afternoon windblown for Steve Leeder at Perisher (23/7/20) © Owain Price

We found some windblown faces, had fun charging Roller Coaster and The Ridge, and didn’t even make it over to Guthega.

Skitube is go too, again with simple but sensible space out restrictions.

Skitube with COVID arrangements .. more space to review your day on the phone © Owain Price

“We have everything open now, it’s up to people to be sensible and help us keep it that way” a Perisher Media office spokesperson told us.

Ditto that in spades. In NSW we are lucky we can ski at all.

The cover is excellent on snowmaking runs like Zalis (23/7/20 © Owain Price

Perisher ticket sales for non-Epic Pass holders have been happening in stages on their website for August, stay tuned to the link here for details. Respecting their Epic Australia Pass buyers has paid off, plenty of happy riders are up there getting their fill.

Around the mountain restaurants everything is well organised, with sanitiser stations at entry and contact tracing details taken.

It will of course busy up on the weekend, so chill out and go with the flow – if it takes a bit longer to get moving at the start of the day getting out of Front Valley don’t worry too much, you will get your fill as everyone spreads out. And use your brains – scoot over to the t-bars if the V8 is busy, get over to Mt P early then swing back and around elsewhere.

Yesterday by mid-afternoon there were plenty of tired punters, including us, enjoying a view and a beer in the sun inside at Blue Cow. We had done some skinning in the morning sessions, so we had an excuse.

Top of Zalis (23/7/20) © Owain Price

Up at Thredbo the top is skiing nicely, with Karels opening yesterday too. The top is skiing nicely there with some great windblown pockets earlier in the week. They are releasing more tickets for sale too.

view from Karels Thredbo
View from Karels, Thredbo (23/7/20) © Peter Wunder