Snoga Yoga Retreats at Falls Creek are the best

snow action team 28.08.2016

Snoga Yoga Retreats at Falls Creek are a great way to enjoy Australia’s most alpine of alpine villages, Falls Creek, reports our Features Editor Bronwen Gora. Even better, still time to get on the last one for 2016 from September 11 – 16, see details below.

Respected yoga teacher Tara Fitzgibbon will take the final Snoga retreat Sept 11-16 at Trackers Lodge Falls Creek

Respected yoga teacher Tara Fitzgibbon will take the final Snoga retreat Sept 11-16 at Trackers Lodge Falls Creek

With yoga fever spreading around the world it was only a matter of time before it hit the ski industry. In fact when Snow Action heard about the first ’Snoga’ – a week-long retreat combining yoga and skiing being held in Victoria’s Falls Creek, we though it unusual nobody had done it before.

Since the inaugural Snoga was held at Trackers Lodge last September with great success, this year’s retreats have been booked out and many more scheduled for next year.

But if you are quick enough there are spaces left on the final Snoga of the season being held from September 11 to 16.

Take it from me – having experienced Snoga first hand I can honestly say it was not only enormous fun but helped my skiing immensely thanks to limbering up the body with an array of poses and stretches all before breakfast.

The other nice thing about Trackers’ Snoga weeks is that our yoga teachers, Donna Buchanan and Kate Taylor from Perth’s Yoga Vine studio, were so relaxed in their approach. For instance, there was no frowning or scolding for being late to class, or even not turning up at all if sleeping in was more important, and there were certainly more laughs than groans in our classes.

All Snoga retreats run along the same lines, the daily program starting around 6.30am for herbal tea and fruit before a few hours of ‘yang’ yoga, the type most people are familiar with that involves poses and breathing exercises.

Yoga experience doesn’t matter – the teachers are expert at making everyone feel comfortable.

What’s more, yoga takes place in a large room overlooking Falls Creek’s snow-covered mountains and gum trees. It can’t be more relaxing.

Our breakfast was a bountiful buffet of porridge cooked in almond milk, kitchari – a tasty spiced Indian dahl casserole with all the trimmings from coriander to chilli and coconut – and all the traditional indulgences like eggs toast jam, cream and maple syrup.

The daytime program was then up to us – we chose whether to ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, take lessons, explore Falls Creek village on foot or simply sit on the couch with a good book.

After skiing we returned to platters of incredibly delicious sweet raw treats made fresh daily. Delectable coconut chocolate slices made with organic cocoa live on in my memory.

Around 5pm we luxuriated in an hour of yin yoga, a more relaxing practice than yang involving mostly stretching and releasing muscle tension. The yin was wonderfully soothing after a day on the slopes, and we even learned a new use for tennis balls – lying on them to release tight muscles.

Cocktail hour followed our healthy day. This is no strict health retreat. Whether to drink alcohol or not is up to you – and Trackers Lodge owner and Snoga founder Janette Lawson loves serving guests from behind her bar.

The lodge kitchen staff and chef also serve up some of the best food in Australia’s snow country. Healthy, tasty, delicious and hearty, our evening meals were absolutely exceptional.

On the last day of our retreat we had the option to try our hand at swinging about in real circus silks, courtesy of performer and Sunshine Coast aerial artist Josie Torrisi – an experience that despite being incredibly hard was, just like the entire Snoga week, hugely enjoyable. (ends)


* Renown yoga practitioner, Byron Bay-based Tara Fitzgibbon will be taking the next and final Snoga of the year at Trackers Lodge in Victoria’s Falls Creek ski resort. This retreat will focus solely on the relaxing practice of yin yoga, with Tara’s methods and yoga Nidra meditations designed to be deeply restorative and nourish both body and mind.

* Cost: $1195 per person twin share. Includes lodge-style accommodation, daily morning and evening yin yoga sessions, all breakfasts and dinners, daily afternoon teas, all-day tea and coffee, welcome and departure functions and a cross-country ski adventure with high-country picnic.

* Enquiries to info@trackers.com.au , or call Lodge Manager Brian 035758 3346 or Janette Lawson on 0400 77 00 34.

* www.skifalls.com.au

* www.trackers.com.au