Silver Tip Lodge, private heli-skiing in the Cariboos

snow action team 08.01.2016

Got a few friends with $25k or so to spare looking for the ultimate private ski experience? Then check out the new Silver Tip Lodge. As they prepare for a soft launch opening in January, 2016, they asked a question: “What kind of ski vacation would you take, if money was no object?”

Just you and your friends own the whole hell area for the duration.

Just you and your friends own the whole hell area for the duration.

With dozens of years of experience in the British Columbia heli-skiing and hospitality industry, Silver Tip’s experienced team of guides and managers believe the answer is simple. You would design your very own private heli-skiing adventure; where all of the elements for the perfect vacation would come together.

The key word here is private.

At Silver Tip, the lodge, guide, helicopter, and staff are at the beck and call of everybody in your party. You can even design the meals and order your favorite wines.

the lakeside lodge

the lakeside lodge

With a single phone call, you would book exclusive use of a luxurious, Canadiana-décor lodge in the middle of British Columbia’s purest mountain wilderness for up to nine of your closest friends or family.

You would ski in the secret corner of a mountain range that’s world renowned for having deep, dry, dependable powder snow. Your helicopter pilot and guide would take you to scout out untracked runs – lines that few folks have ever seen, let alone skied.

And after skiing, you would devour a plate of gourmet appetizers, along with a cold beer or glass of champagne. You would rejuvenate in the spacious outdoor hot tub, or the luxuriously refurbished spa. You would dine on the very best cuisine, and drink award winning wines.

You would unplug from the stress of incessant to-do lists and demands on your time, but could share Instagram photos of lofty mountain peaks, mile-wide smiles, wicked wipeouts, and the best face-shot you’ve ever had.

You would do it on the first day, and for five days thereafter.

Starting in mid-January 2016, Silver Tip Lodge offers NINE WEEKS of private heli-skiing, guiding, accommodations, and meals.

Prices vary according to level of service provided; starting at $250,000 per week, all-inclusive.

“What kind of ski vacation would you take, if money was no object?” The answer is simple. You’d ski at Silver Tip Lodge and enjoy a Cariboo Mountain Experience.
There is nothing else like it in the world.

For more information, go to: www.silvertipheliskiing.com