Session this: Heli days from $NZD 385!

snow action team 03.06.2015

Since whenever you learnt to ski or board the urge to get a day’s heli somewhere is a natural progression.
Equipment has made it so much easier now that for most people the problem is not technique, but just finding the readies, helis being expensive beasts to run and maintain, and to use as your personal ski lifts.

© Southern Lakes Heliski

© Southern Lakes Heliski

That said, as a rule heli in NZ stacks up with anywhere for affordability, and Southern Lakes full day programs go from $AUD870. The various day options are great value, and as our crew can attest an amazing buzz.
But last year they opened up an awesome new ‘Session Days’ option that provides all the froth of heli riding at a very, very affordable cost – from just $NZD385.
Sessions Days run every 2 weeks on average through the season, and the cost is $385pp for the first run, lunch and your safety equipment. Every run after that is $85pp.
“Anyone can do it because you can take as long or as short time as you want” says Southern Lakes Heliski Marketing Manager Elysia Gibb. I’ve even seen people bum slide half the run.”
It works like this: SLH guides suss out the session zone for safety, participants get lifted in for the first run, then have the option to backcountry or session something at their own pace in the the area, or grab extra lifts for $NZD85 a run.
“It’s an unguided day, so people get to choose how fast they want to ski or ride and how they want to take on their terrain. They can do as many runs as their wallet and legs can handle, or they can hang out at Base Camp and just enjoy the mountains” says Elysia.
“It’s perfect for all abilities. Beginners can just try heliskiing, or experts can build a kicker and get some awesome footage.”
SLH manage the safety. A number of guides are situated within an area and people can go wherever they like within it.
At Base Camp we have a BBQ and a DJ cranking tunes to get everyone grooving and amped.
You can book up to the night before, but with sessions obviously weather/conditions dependent the simplest is to get on to SLH and register for it for the dates you will be in the area and they let you know when it’s a go. The cut off is about 40 per sessions day.
more info/book at www.heliskinz.com