Lake Alta Chutes At Night? Now That’s Remarkable!

The Lake Alta Cutes above The Remarkables are legendary lines anyone with delusions of competence heading to NZ’s Southern Lakes dreams of shredding one plank or two.

Never to be underestimated, always to be treated with caution and a local check of conditions of course. Oh, and always do it in daylight would be the standard advice.

Hiking the ridgeline at The Remarkables to ski Lake Alta at night
Hiking the ridge with Lake Wakatipu far below © TNF

Or maybe not even – whoever heard of anyone skiing them at night?

Well now you have, and you can check it all out TODAY when the next classic North Face video drops free 6PM NZ time, 4PM EST in OZ. Watch it here as soon as it goes live:

Last month, Roland Morley-Brown lead The North Face crew on an epic mission through the Remarkables, exploring the chutes surrounding Lake Alta. The crazy part? The mission took place in the dead of night.

After years spent shut off from the mountain tops that bring us so much joy, we were back with a vengeance this winter, and didn’t even let the daylight hours dictate the amount of fun we’d have.

The riders set off from The North Face campout, as the support crew sat fireside to watch the magic unfold.

Base camp Lake Alta © TNF

LAKE ALTA is an ode to the memories made this winter.

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