The portable party! Fugoo go anywhere bluetooth speakers.

snow action team 26.08.2015

US based company FUGOO has launched its great range of stylish, durable and waterproof Bluetooth speakers in Australia for the first time. Music fans can choose from the sophisticated and elegant design of the FUGOO Style, the ruggedness of the FUGOO Tough, as well as the exercise-junkie’s favourite, FUGOO Sport.
We have been living with and loving the FUGOO Sport for a couple of months and it has become in no time our go everywhere – home to car to snow – sound system.

Strong, waterproof, with a 40 hour battery life, Australians will now be able to enjoy 360° sound wherever they are. Take it to the snow, the pool, a party, the park or beach, you can even get bike mounts for them. Fugoo is IP67 Protection rating. Fugoo tested from 1.82m drops and there is no impact on performance. Fugoo verifies its products at 0.91m for 30 minutes underwater and to be dust proof, snow proof and mud proof.
Battery life is claimed at 40 hours and it certainly rocks on in our experience.
Sound quality is awesome, Fugoo has six symmetrically-placed drivers. The two tweeters deliver clean highs, two mid/sub drivers give midrange punch, and two passive radiators help bring out a full, deep bass. It replaced our previous much larger units at home from the first time we tested it, and the longer we live with it the more we like it, from intimate bedroom moods to on snow parties, Fugoo rules!
If like us your vehicle ain’t the latest bluetooth hi-tec equipped it works as fantastic car sound too – doing the long hauls up and down to Melbourne & Sydney Snow Travel Expos we just flic the phone to Pandora and crank up Fugoo – only drama is who gets on first, Mr SnowAction 60s British Rock or Ms SA Salsa ..
Online support is also great if you can’t work anything out.
We’ll give it an 11/10 and Smart Stuff medal.

$AUD 269.95 – $339.95
stockists info@weseechange.com.au