Perisher conditions: 44/47 lifts, good snow, unlimited (epic) riding!

Perisher conditions for a combination of snow, access and facilities now mean it is doing better than anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s virtually all open. Just Olympic T (which we don’t mind still closed anyway – see why here), North Perisher T, and a Blue Cow ski school tow remain to bring it up to the full 47 lifts. Which given the crazy COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty, plus a pretty lean natural snow season, deserves a big shout out to the whole team up there to deliver such a great, and “normal” product this winter.

Skiing Mt Perisher August 2020
Diving into the Mt Perisher vortex .. cool GoPro MAX bugs eye view © Snow Action

Remember that if you are going up. It’s tough for the staff operating, and living, with COVID restrictions. The whole normal snow season party vibe is not there (no more crazy rave party attempts to put it there either please ..). Staff themselves are in the frontline dealing with us, Joe & Joelene Public, who are showing up from cities like Sydney where COVID cases are still being identified regularly. So be courteous, be co-operative, be aware of the markings everywhere – like at counters for staying back. A minor detail to the individual, but consider what it’s like for staff dealing with that numerous times a day when people keep ignoring the lines and leaning up close. It’s not that hard to keep your social distance.

Even better, anyone with an Epic Australia Pass (or other valid Epic Pass) can hit Perisher unrestricted. For the $889 rate that stayed available till 12 July, you can fill your snow boots and plenty are – the car parks were full on the weekend.

STOP PRESS: they released more tickets for rest of August today too – check details online

Plenty of groomers to space out on at Perisher today

With the Victorian ski resorts all shut because of COVID, NZ all open and unrestricted but having a pretty low snow season, South America having a huge snow season but still no lifts open in Chile (you can visit mountains now at least finally), and just a handful of resorts in Argentina open for local residents, Perisher is actually the stand out right across the Southern Hemisphere.

Perisher conditions are good on nearly all fronts: the parks are on point, the groomers are getting plenty of fresh snowmaking top ups, the overall cover is good. Solid base is no exaggeration, the wet snow events have packed down and stayed, so anything on top is sweet.

Sure, not many fresh lines today, but last Wednesday and Thursday delivered some super dry pow sessions, and more are in prospect next week with Weather Zone forecasting more snow down pretty low, 1200 to 1500m.

So what are you waiting for? This last month of winter 2020 is ticking down fast..

If you didn’t grab an Epic Pass, and missed out on other pass sales, try the short back and side country options instead – with guides and gear hire available for that.

Last Wednesday and Thursday delivered the driest snow of the season so far for Steve Leeder.

If you missed that, don’t panic, start packing, there’s more on the way!

Weatherzone forecast for Perisher conditions as of Monday 10 August:

Prob. of precipLikely snowSnow levelWindVisibility
Tue Aug 11Early frost. Mostly cloudy afternoon30%NilNWGood
Wed Aug 12Mostly cloudy. Snow showers developing85%2-5cm1300NFair
Thu Aug 13Mostly cloudy. Showers. Snow, mainly in east80%<2cm1600NFair
Fri Aug 14Mostly cloudy. Showers. Snow, mainly in east75%<2cm1600NW/NEGood
Sat Aug 15Early fog/frost. Showers, chance storm. Snow90%<2cm1600E to SWFair
Sun Aug 16Early fog/frost. Showers, chance storm. Snow90%2-5cm1600SWGood
Mon Aug 17Mostly cloudy. Showers. Snow80%2-5cm1600NWGood
Tue Aug 18Cloudy. Snow90%5-10cm1500N/NWPoor
Wed Aug 19Cloudy. Snow90%5-10cm1300NWFair
Thu Aug 20Early frost. Showers. Snow, mainly in east80%<2cm1300NWFair
Fri Aug 21Early frost. Snow showers in south70%2-5cm1200NWImproving
Sat Aug 22Early frost. Snow showers clearing60%<2cm1200NWImproving
Sun Aug 23Early frost. Becoming mostly sunny30%NilNWGood
Mon Aug 24Early frost. Mostly sunny30%NilNWGood