Oakley Kokoro Collection their coolest sunnies ever?

snow action team 28.07.2020

The new Oakley Kokoro Collection could just be their coolest ever sunnies! Designed by the Jackson Pollock* of Japanese art, the renowned Meguru Yamaguchi, they are drop dead gorgeous.

For younger readers Jackson Pollock’s famous splatter style of painting (often when riotously drunk) earned him considerable notoriety. Then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam purchased his Blue Poles for just $AUD 1.3 million back in 1973 – for which purchase he was ridiculed and villified by the conservative media and politicians at the time (and for years afterwards).

Blue Poles still sits in Australia’s National Gallery. Its worth today is estimated at around $AUD 350 million .. so yes, Gough’s investment has increased in value hundreds of times over, making it surely the best art purchase value in Australian history. Did the Murdoch press and others who vilified him ever apologise or print a retraction? Not so you’d notice ..

Now, maybe a pair of Kokoros won’t appreciate quite that much, but they still look way cool, and Yamaguchi looks like he enjoys life as much as Pollock did (for his own health, hopefully drinking less though..).

Way cool new Oakley Kokoros © Oakley

“Kokoro” means “heart; mind; spirit”, unifies athletes of all abilities, professional and everyday alike. Embodying the brilliance and beauty of humanity, the collection aims to inspire a sense of belonging and community in a time where the need has never been greater.

Oakley tapped Tokyo-born, Brooklyn-based artist Meguru Yamaguchi to design the collection because of his unique style that pushes the possibilities of art, gesture and form, by creating “sculptural paintings”.

Meguru met with Oakley visionaries, designers and Team Oakley athletes to explore the unifying qualities of sport before bringing his one-of-a-kind artwork to life. 

Each individual product is completely unique, having been created through a specialised spin technique utilising a custom-made machine created specifically by Oakley engineers to replicate Meguru’s style of brushstrokes.

“I was very excited when Oakley reached out to collaborate, as I’ve been a fan of the brand since my high school days”, said Meguru. “When I connected with the athletes as part of the discovery phase, I was moved by their united passion for sport. Designing a collection that was emblematic of this shared passion was core to my process and I’m thrilled with the results”.

To mark the launch and celebrate this message, Oakley is also making a $200,000 donation to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation (WHO), sharing the love to support their global work in helping countries prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund supports global efforts to track and understand the spread of the virus, ensure patients get the care they need, ensure frontline workers get essential supplies and accelerate efforts in developing vaccines, tests, and treatments.

“The Kokoro Collection celebrates how a universal love of sport can unify our community” said Ben Goss, Oakley Global Marketing Director. “We’re proud to offer our support to the World Health Organization which is addressing the global pandemic with passion and precision”.

“I’m grateful to Oakley for this generous and creative contribution to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund”, said Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the UN Foundation. “The Kokoro Collection promotes the spirit of global solidarity that will be necessary to defeat this virus. We are truly at our strongest when we work together, as one team”.

The Kokoro Collection launches with Flak® 2.0 XL, Radar® EV Path®, Radarlock® Asia Fit, Flak 2.0 Asia Fit, Sutro, Frogskins®, Frogskins Asia Fit, EVZero™Blades, Flight Jacket, Jawbreaker™ and Airbrake® MX goggles. All pieces from the collection come equipped with Oakley’s leading Prizm™️ Lens Technology, designed to enhance colour and contrast so athletes can see more detail.

For more information on the Oakley Kokoro Collection designed by Meguru Yamaguchi, please visit: www.oakley.com/en-au

Meguru Yamaguchi in his studio
Meguru Yamaguchi has not lost his inner kid .. how much fun is his lifestyle/art style? © Oakley